p³yta CD wykrojnik.cdr

p³yta CD wykrojnik.cdr


Zoharum annouce the premiere of newest [haven]’s album – ‘Amity’ on 20th of December.

PRE-ORDER start on 6th of December


In pre-order You can order a special edition of this album including bonus disc with remixes prepared by Electric Uranus and Synta[XE]rror.

This version is available only in pre-order. Campaign will finnish on 20th of December. So if You are interested You should hurry up!

 ‘Amity’ will be promoted by the separate website where you will be able to
listen to the material in its entirety. (

Website will start in the first day of Pre-order.



 About the album ‘Amity’


The fifth album of one of the most interesting projects on the Polish
independent scene released on Zoharum – [haven]’s ‘Amity’.
The new album can be quite a challenge for the current [haven] fanbase.
‘Amity’ is a bold journey through different soundscapes. [haven] links
different musical worlds: elements of ambient and post-industrial
electronica soaking in the experimental sauce. Piced up with oriental
melodies and beautiful voice of Magda Głocka, it constitutes an attractive
alternative for listeners from the outside of the independ music circle.
‘Amity’ is definitely the most accessible album in the discography of this
project. After flirting with American Tympanic Audio, [haven] comes back to
the Polish market.


1. I let my love go

2. Somewhere in the middle east

3. Jerusalem under fire

4. Nothing to go on

5. No way to exit (modern city lament)

6. THC

7. Transmission

8. Great big ocean

9. After the sunset

10. Wake up

11. The knife

12. Final cut



Bonus Disc:

  1. Bad Morning
  2. Nothing to go on…
  3. Nothing to go on… (remixed by Electric Uranus)
  4. Nothing to go on… (remixed by Syntha[XE]rror)


Zoharum – New Experimental Art
+48 605 318 630


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