Zoharum – Forthcoming albums from Rapoon & Lords of Infinity, Theta and Schrottersburg

Only a few days are separating us from the official premiere of 3 publications under the Zoharum ensign. First from them it’s a vinyl edition of the Schrottersburg “Dalet” album which appeared the month ago on the CD and as a digital version. Next two remaining these are absolute novelties from artists with who we are cooperating for many years (Rapoon) but also of novices at our publishing company like Lords of Infinity and Theta
  Θ (Theta) – Total Division CD/digital
Behind Θ (Theta) project stands Themistoklis Altintzoglou hailing from Greece and currently residing in Tromso, Northern Norway. He has been releasing music since 2013 and is also half of the duos metatag and isolation. Θ has been collaborating with Mitsumidai on Brazilian horror film soundtracks (Uptake Fear & the Hand), background music for podcasts and has contributed with soundscapes and atmospherics for Tau Cross and WAR//PLAGUE albums.
“Total Division” presents 9 mysterious, and doom-driven tracks that are drowned in distortion and reverb. On this album, Theta unleashes powerful, dense and textural music that you can almost touch. Altintzoglou states that his origins are rooted in hardcore punk and whatever it may be – punk, black or doom metal – you can clearly hear that guitar sound is the center of his inspirations and sources. As bold as this statement may be – Maeror Tri comes to mind but put into contemporary context.
This is the most ”metal” album we’ve released so far and couldn’t be happier about it. “Total Division” is the example of those rare situations, when the Artist reached out to us directly and we immediately knew we want to release this fantastic piece of work.

What we have here is almost 70 minutes of beautiful and enchanted music. A great split release between Robin Storey (Rapoon) and Marina Kryzhanovskaya and Mikhail Kiryukhin (Lords of Infinity) hailing from England and Russia respectively.
“For this split CD I returned to the origins of processes that had been there in their most fundamental form in Zoviet France. A ritualistic and shamanistic approach to the creation of music. Uncensored by intellect. More spiritual in nature than conceptual. Elemental and primordial. Not that these elements do not exist in my contemporary creation process, more that they are stripped bare in these pieces.” – Rapoon
“Behind Russian ritual ambient and experimental project LOI stand Marina Kryzhanovskaya and Mikhail Kiryukhin – the woman and the man, two eternal souls.
The main idea is that life is an immersion to the mystery. The main and essential mystic experience is love and creation. Spiritual invocation awakes delight and horror. We believe that music incarnates pan-unity. But whereof one can’t speak, thereof one must be silent.
Our split is about the eternal marriage of all that exists, flow of the eternally youthful life energy.” – Lords Of Infinity
The only thing we can add is that artwork for this was also created and provided by the Artists themselves.
CD edition of 500 copies comes in 6 panel digipack.
SCHROTTERSBURG “Dalet” LP out on 29.03
„Dalet” is a fourh full length installment in Schrottersburg (aka Płock – city in central Poland) output. Album presents persistence of vision in trio’s style and that is new wave and postpunk aesthetics with kraut rock propulsion enriched by echoes of psychedelia and industrial rawness. Add yearning vocals on top and you get a balanced mixture that keeps you hypnotized throughout 7 songs from the very beginning till the very end. Album is very cohesive as a whole, but also every song lives its own life as a autonomous entity. The lyrics are as deeply emotional as they are expressive and they complete the music perfectly.
This album is being released in digital and physical formats as an effect of cooperation of four labels and we are proud to be part of this venture, as it was absolutely worth of our mutual effort as it’s worth of your time to listen to this amazing piece of music.
Limited vinyl edition of 300 copies comes in sleeve 12″ with insert contains lyrics and graphics.
  CONJECTURE Hydra CD/digital
Conjecture is the solo music project of the Greek Avant-Garde visual artist Vasilis Angelopoulos. The project started in 2013 and released 5 albums and 2 E.P.s in the post-industrial field.  Conjecture roughly stays in a fixed musical pattern as its experiments are moving between different genres and concepts, using mostly hardware synthesizers, metal sheets, piezo microphones, DIY impulse resposes “collected” from abandoned buildings, and tape-manipulation  to express his manifestos upon human existence, religious folklore stereotypes and trancedence 
through archetypal rituals, body deconstruction, human subtraction and murder. 
His live performances constitute a combination of sound and visual arts, using doubled projections  and sculpture installings.


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