DIFFERENT STATE – album ‘Yield’ first time on CD.

Zoharum & Wyrm Records present the latest Different State album “Yield (The
Capacity of Production)”.

This release contains remastered songs that first saw the light of the day
on a I&E SPM tape in 1995. We also added 2 bonus tracks from “Cardinal
Mosaic” album.

When 15 years ago this tape was released, it was aptly summed up

“Americans have Ministry,
Britons have Godflesh,
Poles have Different State.”
“Yield” is the most metal of industrial releases of Different State (or the other
way round.)

The old fans of the band does not need to be convinced to give this album a
spin. The ones who have never heard it, but value Mr Broadrick’s projects,
will also be delighted.

“Yield” was issued in a 6-panel ‘mint’ digipak.

The mixture of Pure Industrial with Metal Sounds. For fans of Godflesh, Pitchshifter, Sonic Violence, early Ministry and others…

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