Whispers of Ghosts new release (neoclassical ambient)


New release by Whispers of Ghosts from Mexico!

Whispers of Ghosts – Simultaneous Silence

Includes soundtrack to a short movie “Simultaneous Silence” and a very special bonus part with first proper issue of a rare demo recording “Forest of Shadows” which was distributed by WOG on concerts (available only on CD, not included in digital version).

Simultaneous Silence is neoclassical-ambient oriented with beautiful piano work. Forest of Shadows is darker with ethereal darkwave and dark ambient vibe.

Simultaneous Silence
1. Silence Has No Place Here (3:14)
2. Dolls – Little Girls (1:13)
3. Simultaneous Silence I (2:34)
4. Culpa-Remordimiento-Expiación (6:23)
5. Simultaneous Silence II (3:09)
6. Back to Innocence (4:39)
7. The Coldest Place (6:54)

Forest Of Shadows
1. Cloudy Memory of Rain (8:06)
2. The Forest of Shadows (7:35)
3. All the Days Are Equal (7:41)
4. Smell of Death (7:59)

Available digitally at all the major distros.


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