The Russian synthpop project WANTed recorded together with Vanguard frontman Patrik Hansson a very cool song that is released now as a digital single on conzoom. The song is very melodic and atmospheric and the charismatic voice of Vanguard frontman Patrik Hansson leads the sounds in a very special way. It is up to you now to get blown away by this great song.

In addition to three different versions of “I Get Entwined” as well as a bonus track in the form of an exclusive remix of the WANTed song “Industrial Music”.
Track listing:
01. Let’s Get Entwined (Single Version)
02. Industrial Music (Electro Spectre Edit)
03. Let’s Get Entwined (Fatal Aim Remix)
04. Let’s Get Entwined (Acapella)


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