Vladimír Hirsch / Markéta, the daughter of Lazar


Conceptual album, op.85. Adaptation of the soundtrack to the stage play “Markéta, dcera Lazarova”, directed by Pavel Ondruch and performed at Divadlo DISK, Praha, 2010.

A romantic drama, based on Vladislav Vančura’s epic novel which is set in Medieval Czechia. Markéta, the daughter of robber lord Lazar, is captured by Kozlik’s rival clan which wrathfully takes revenge on him by deflowering innocent Markéta, who had comitted herself to God’s devotion. The stage play adaptation faithfully captures the heart of the original classic: transgression and forgiveness, though above all, the convinction of the power of sacrifice flourishes undeniably.

The music – contemporary classical in its base, with an industrial and dark ambient tint – flows from sacred choral themes and sorrowful violins surrounded by calm ambience, to dramatic, violent and victorious hunts of percussion, clanging metal, nervous string entries, dark brasses, ominous rhythms, flightly piano motifs and heavy polytonal strokes in 42 short, predominantly merged tracks. As always the music is intense, religious and carefully constructed leaving no loose ends.

Album recorded between September 2009 and January 2010, at Catch Arrow Recordings studio, Prague, Czechia. Revisited in September 2010. Mastered by Vojtěch Haňka.

Musicians: Czech Integrated Ensemble & Choir; Vladimír Hirsch – pianos, electronic keyboards, digital technique, mix. Cover photos by Jan Vávra, design by Marianna O.

Total time: 78:48 min.
Limited edition 50 pcs (cd jewel case)

Release date: November 22, 2010

© 2010 Integrated Music Records – Catch 062


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