Orange Dust

Always Under Attack

Vermin Street


out today June 10th, 2014 via Beatport, Addictech, Juno, iTunes, etc…

1. Moth

2. Drive of Unliving Things

3. Salvador and the Knife

4. Misunderstood Machine

5. Dead Broke

6. Wizard Eyes

7. Dead Broke (Hitori Tori Remix)

Perth, Australia’s Orange Dust packs a utility belt of weaponized beats always

at the ready for combating any music that dissatisfies your social media-induced


Creating complex rhythms without skimping on the melodies, OD breaks

the mold of predictable tales told too often and writes whole stories into a 4

minute jam that has you nodding your head and shaking a leg.

Be it Breakbeat, Drill n’ Bass, DnB, Glitch Hop, or IDM, Orange Dust will flip

any bass and break-based style upside-down while maintaining a balance of

accessibility, luring you in with a familiar genre and then smashing your

expectations. The man is speaking your language, but singing you songs you’ve

never heard before.

Always Under Attack explores the potential of the Breakbeat genre, while

keeping his signature unpredictable-but-steady-rocking style. The album

maintains a well-crafted mix of high-energy beats, fractured breaks, tune

glitches, hype leads, melancholy melodies, and enough surprises to take

today’s attention spans on a journey to the sun.

Recently, Cal Orange Dust has been immersed in Perth’s growing street art

scene, decorating the town with color and life. Cover art by the artist himself.


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