K. ‘There’s a Devil Waiting Outside your Door’ CD
UR 006 – UR MUZIK 2012
Price: 12.80 EUR
Some of you may have already stumbled on K. – the enigmatic artist from Poland released several tracks on different V/A compilations and issued a mini CD back in 2007. It is with great pleasure that we present the actual debut album by K. titled “There’s a Devil Waiting Outside your Door”.

The obvious reference to Nick Cave is no accident here, but the music of K. has as well similarities to such groups as Bohren und der Club of Gore or Heroin and Your Veins. Having its own twist and character, the sound of K. takes you deep into smoky dens where spleen, existentialism, black and white cinema, jazz noir and pulp aesthetics meet in a decadent unison.

The CD comes limited to 300 pieces in a digifile.

Two tracks on YouTube available here:

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