we have some exciting news to bring you for 2013. First there is the launch of the new
UK Decay album ‘New Hope For The Dead’ on February 16th at the Electrowerks in London,
with UK Decay’s first London gig in over thirty years – with very special guests.
Doors open at 7pm and tickets and other details are available here

There are only 300 tickets and they are going fast so if you are interested in attending you
better hurry and book them online now.

A fortnight before that on Friday February 1st UK Decay will be appearing at the Concord2 in
Brighton alongside The Legendary Cravats. Tickets and more information are available here.

For our Finnish friends UK Decay shall also be playing in Helsinki on Friday January 18th
Please keep an eye on the our websites for further details of this show and more

Now we have some very special offers for you


SPECIAL OFFERS! Available until December 15th 2012 or whilst stocks last

UK Decay Early Period Wall Calendar

uk dk Calendar

Only £12.99 Including free shipping to the UK and reduced shipping to everywhere else

A unique UK Decay gift idea for 2013

UK Decay Early Period 2013 Calendar1979 – 1982

Cover art and rare photo’s. Each month includes either a relevant to the month –
hi resolution scanned image of Early Period UK DK single or album cover artwork.
Or rare photo’s of the band or flyers for the bands concerts. Key dates relevant to
important historical events by the band in their early period are noted within the
calendar dates.

So how about a unique gift for the avid collector or lover of things UK Decay?

All the early period record cover’s are scanned in high resolution with great
attention paid to detail. The genuine ‘rustic’ quality of a 30 year old source.
Even the slight yellowing with age adds to ‘the look’.


Size: 280 x 215 mm (11″ x 8.5″)
Glossy 200 g/m² Card

Purchase or further info


UK Decay Official Bootleg Set Offer: 3 x Live CD’s + Live DVD

ukdk box set

NOW HALF PRICE! – for a fortnight only Available until December 10th 2012 or whilst stocks last

ONLY £15.99 Including free shipping
to the UK and everywhere else! While stocks last.

– Usual Price £31.99

For those that missed out on the recent ‘Pledge Music’ offer, we can now bring you a 4 item set
from the UK Decay ‘Official Bootleg’ series as a special limited package at an amazing price!

The Set includes

The Music Machine and the Berlin Excess Club 1980 – music CD

The Rue Des Cascades,Rock Squat, Paris 1982 – music CD

The Rebellion Punk Festival 2009 – Music CD

The Moonlight Festival, Rimini, 2011 – DVD

All five performances are important moments in the history UK Decay.
The Music Machine show saw UK DK hitting London in support of the Dead Kennedy’s
on the culmination of that all important first major UK tour for both UK Decay and the
Dead Kennedy’s. Berlin was the highlight of the bands first European tour, the moment
the band felt an affinity with Berlin and Decadance!

The Rue Des Cascades was the final gig and climax of the last early period European tour.
The band were firing on all four cylinders. According to Spon,

this was one of the very best and most enjoyable gigs I ever played…it was mad
but the tension brought on by the fact that the gig could have been busted at any
moment by the riot police added to the fire in our show..a true night for celebration”

The first 2009 Rebellion Festival performance at the Empress Ballroom at the Winter Gardens
saw UK DK returning and proving they still had fire in their bellies. The 2011 Moonlight Festival
in Rimini was the better of two shows played in that year. Bone the Roady set a camera up on the
front of house mixing desk and filmed the show, the band played one of the longest sets to date,
it was exhausting but “one hell of a show”.

This is truly an unbeatable offer, at half it’s usual price.
This set is exclusively available from UK Decay Communities New Merchandise Store and is
only available until Monday 10th December 2012 or whilst stocks last! The usual price is £31.99.

Link for purchase or further info


Selected sizes and designs of UK Decay T-Shirts reduced to just £9.99
including free shipping to the UK and reduced shipping cost elsewhere!

t shirt offers

T Shirt offers more info


UK Decay live bootleg series (As fulfilled on our recent Pledge)

The Music Machine and the Berlin Excess Club 1980 – music CD Offer – £7.49

The Rue Des Cascades,Rock Squatt, Paris 1982 – music CD – Offer – £7.49

The Music Machine and the Berlin Excess Club 1980 – music CD – Offer – £7.49

The Moonlight Festival, Rimini, August 2011 – DVD – Offer – £7.49

All including free shipping world wide – whilst stocks last or until Monday December 10th 2012


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