*Crunch Pod signs two new artists** * Crunch Pod is proud to announce the signing of two up and coming artists to the label, Cryogenic Echelon and Ascension EX! We will be releasing their label debut EPs in the next couple of months, starting with Cryogenic Echelon’s EP “Fall Of The Reptiles” It will feature five original tracks and remixes by Dawn Of Ashes, Blast Radius, Rythmhead, and Digital Reformation. Here is a little info on each band.

*Cryogenic Echelon *

Cryogenic Echelon jumped onto the EBM/Dark Electronic music scene in late 2009. They brought their own brand of infectious beats unforgettable melodies that is sure to please all fans of dark electro. CE is comprised of Gerard Hawkins and honoray members Ayax Ascension and Antonio Jiménez. Hailing from Australia they are posed to join a line of excellent musicians that have come from that region. Crunch Pod will be releasing their label debut EP “The Fall Of The Reptiles” in August of this year.

http://www.facebook.com/pages/Cryogenic-Echelon http://www.reverbnation.com/cryogenicechelon#!

*Ascension EX*

ased out of the San Francisco bay area, Ascension EX was founded by producer Ayax Ascension and made its debut in early 2004.

In its infancy, the music was directed towards an aggressive electronic sound with a heavy black metal influence. However, as tastes evolved and writing matured the band took a more melodic and club-based turn. They collected and use techniques that define multiple genre’s such as 90’s rock to metal and all forms of electronica which aid the band in crafting a signature sound. With dark yet ethereal harmonies, pulsing baselines and tightly crafted drum beats they enjoy taking the listener on a variety of journeys by making every track have variation in sound, style and mood

The collaboration of ex-band member Noah Valdez helped in producing their debut EP entitled The Distorted Angels EP in 2007. After gaining momentum and recognition the band began to tour and play various live shows both local and all throughout the west coast. In 2011 they completed their second release, The Hand of the Sinner.

Ascension EX is featured on the Dark Mourning Promotions Compilation Mecha(nized) and Revolution Records compilations. They have also remixed Punto Omega on the album Nostalgias del Origen.



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