Tobias Bernstrup with Romanticism album feat. Apoptygma Berzerk remix

Romanticism is the fourth album by Swedish visual and performance artist
Tobias Bernstrup… his music production has become an important aspect of
his ever growing oeuvre… with each new release he is still growing in
songwriting and giving shape to his own sound… and with this new album
this is more evident as ever…

This new album moves away a bit from the italo influenced sound of his
previous releases and is much more produced as a state of the art
contemporary synth pop record… which is only a small step from his last EP
on Gooiland Elektro from 2013 entitled “Destruction”…

Still… next to up to date dance music orientated pieces there are also
tracks with a more classic approach… like with EBM style rhythms and 80’s
influenced synthpop tunes… and throughout the album there is the typical
Tobias Bernstrup touch of decadent and hedonistic moods…

Next to the album with its dark concept there is a 12 inch added with two
additional track with a more lighter character… and the B side of the 12
inch there is a remix of an album track by EBM and futurepop star
Apoptygma Berzerk… giving the original track an extra punch and making it
a future dancefloor favorite for sure!

The Apoptygma Berzerk remix is available here:


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