Expected late October are three new 12 inches on Gooiland Elektro…

This Morn' Omina has built a name for itself in industrial and ritual
music with releases on Ant-Zen... but from another point of view this is
hard hitting goa trance... like the perfect mix between early Eat Static
and Banco De Gaia... but done in an industrial kind of way... the
result... perfect rave anthems for an Indian Summer party in the

Here you can listen to a This Morn’ Omina track:

Profligate is being part of the new wave of electronic dance music coming
from the USA and he is on top of the game... his sound is a very effective
blending of new wave moods, rave esthetics  and trance elements... long
psychedelic tracks that are aiming to take you on a (dance) trip into
other regions... hard to define but this is what you could call outsider

Here you can listen to a Profligate track (promo edit):

The second Gooiland Elektro compilation is the sound of Belgian 80's
nightclubs re-energized for the current scene... from dancefloor to
darkroom... it is all here... dark, dirty, raw and sweaty... for bodies to
move on and minds to loose... in the strobelights... and beyond... no more
words... just beats and...

Here you can listen to a track by Cute Heels from the compilation:


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