Thee Hyphen reissues

Incidental Tool of Confusion“, the debut album by THEE HYPHEN has just benefited from a complete restoration work from the original 4-track analog tapes: the sound has been cleaned up and remastered, the vocals got rid of the original effects to gain more clarity.

Incidental Tool of Confusion” which was recorded in 1994, then released both on cassette and CD-R, already had the seeds of these electronic infected pop songs in it, some of which like “This Aching Kiss” would end up on Celluloide‘s records a few years later.

On second thought, back then THEE HYPHEN was maybe too cold to be pop, too pop to be electro, too experimental to be EBM and too EBM to be darkwave, and today “Incidental Tool of Confusion” is being offered the scope that was meant to be at the time.

And as chance did a really good job recently : not only did it help to find the original recordings of “Incidental Tool of Confusion” but it also gave a second chance to those of its follower: “Re.Sound“.

You can pre-order both albums right now at a very special price!

Pre-order now !


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