Getting closer to our fourth year of existance, we can think that we’ve draw a personal path, mainly focused on nowadays sounds, thanks to DIY works and other kind of “independent” productions, focusing also on the ones close to us. After the release of the first two compilations (the second one was titled “Dronegazers?”), we’ve thought about a new one which could including the artists we liked the most in 2015.
We chose them among the many projects we follow and we’ve already talked about.
In this new chapter we try to provide to our readers a number of tracks that could be representative of at least two macro-genres, divided in two volumes. The first shows our interest for music devoted to research, especially to the various kinds of psychedelia, improvisations and electronic music. The other one it’s linked to heavier and metal-oriented sounds. We know pretty much well that there are plenty of projects out there and that this is just our “version of the story”.
Have a good listen.



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