The Last Color Theory CD

Adjustments, the 9th full-length Color Theory album, will be released on May 27.

In a display of stubborn bravado, I’ve decided to release the album on Compact Disc (CD). For those of you born post-Violator, the compact disc is an antiquated 5″ metallic frisbee packed with zeros and ones (mostly zeros), typically used as a coaster.

The CD will be housed in a 6-panel Digipak, signed and numbered, limited to 300 copies worldwide. Pre-orders will also receive a download code for the digital version.

Why CD?

1. Nostalgia. The end of an era. One last hurrah. The first Color Theory CD came out in 1994, and the last will come out in 2016. Not a bad run! Of course I’m going to keep making music, but the album format may not be the best vehicle for it.

2. Sound quality. I’d convinced myself that Spotify’s high quality streaming was more or less indistinguishable from CD, but hearing the CD in the car for the first time was an epiphany.

3. You asked for it! At first I toyed with a cassette release, to double down on the nostalgia factor. That was quickly shot down, so I thought… vinyl? Nope! Twice as many of you requested CD.

What’s different?

The set features the best tracks from the three Adjustments EPs, which many of you already own. Being the perfectionist I am, there were dozens of teensy things I wanted to fix – in some cases, for years!

Along with dozens of mix tweaks, I remastered the album to have more dynamic range. When Adjustments Pt. 1 came out, I felt it was important to keep the tracks at a “competitive” volume with mainstream EDM releases, for club play.

This CD however, is a labor of love. I want it to sound the best it possibly can, regardless of market considerations. So I’ve traded a bit of volume for a lot more clarity and punch. I’m excited for you to hear it!

Pre-orders begin May 10.


1. A Work in Progress

2. Headphones

3. What You Said

4. The Best Revenge

5. Playing Favorites

6. Slot Machine

7. Productivity

8. Drive You Home

9. The Motions

10. OBE

11. The Light Inside



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