BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA — Dark alternative outfit, The Jesus Cleaver, today announced the official release of their debut album, "A Private Encyclopaedia", and the first single from the album, "Luscious".

The band have combined vivid and emotive lyrics with a lush, beautifully disturbing atmosphere to confound easy genrification. Employing electronic and classical elements in their music, The Jesus Cleaver maintain a definitive musical edge with driving percussion and infectious bass lines. This concentration of moods is the expression of a dark alternative band decidedly out of place in the sub-tropical climes of "the Sunshine State".

The album also features exotic location recordings, including the changing of the guard at Prague Castle (Czech Republic) and a flock of bats recorded inside the Capricorn Caves (Rockhampton, Australia).  From fast-paced, bass-heavy tracks to quirky and irreverent, to devastating emotionalism, The Jesus Cleaver explore a broad range of sounds and styles, with a dark romantic theme underscoring the ten original tracks on the debut album.

The album was written, performed, and produced by the band's founding singer/songwriter, John P Shea, and features local Brisbane artists contributing to bass guitar and backing vocal duties. The band's influences include Joy Division, The Cure, Siouxsie and the Banshees, SWANS, Kate Bush and Depeche Mode.

Tracks from the album have received playlist adds and rotation from respected dark alternative DJs, and DJ servicing is available at

The album is available for immediate download from in 320k mp3, AAC, Ogg Vorbis, FLAC (lossless), or ALAC (Apple lossless) formats. A BONUS 32-page PDF, "Lyrics and Postcards from the debut album", is included with the digital album. A print on demand CD is also available, the purchase of which includes immediate download of the digital album, and the BONUS PDF. All proceeds go direct to the artist (less transaction fees), and fans can name their price, starting from USD10.00 for the digital album. A print copy of "Lyrics and Postcards" can also be ordered, as well as a range of official merchandise, from

Track listing:

   1. Please Replia
   2. Vulnerable To Falling
   3. Luscious
   4. Oh Darling
   5. Idol
   6. Rend
   7. Antecedents
   8. Ascension
   9. Still Life Swimming
  10. Do Something For Me

Lyrics, credits and full length streaming are available at:

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