AURORA BOREALIS Bulletin 8th March 2011
Aurora Borealis

STILL HOT:NEIGE MORTE CD. “Neige Morte’s first release is an achievement. The band’s attack is primitive and abstract, but there is a definite experimental slant to the sound that speaks for yet another incredibly unique act from one of black metal’s finest outposts. Hypnotic and repulsive in equal measure, Neige Morte comes highly recommended.” – LURKERS PATH.

HORSE LATITUDES: “Low end riffing, spiritual affirmation, hypnotised euphoria; Horse Latitudes’ dual bass incantations capture the most surreal, epic and psychedelic voyage into the annals of doom since HORSEBACK raised our consciousnesses with The Invisible Mountain last year.” – Lurkers Path.

YRSEL return with ‘Sacrifice’, a four track LP on the concept and significance of the notion of sacrifice. This sees YRSEL expand with additional members joining the core of C-J Larsgarden (Ondo) and Julien Louvet (THE AUSTRASIAN GOAT), adding further depth and even warmth to the procceedings.
This is a vinyl only release and is limited to just 350 copies with a vellum-style sleeve featuring the artwork of James McCray (ONE LIFELESS EYE, SMALL SACRIFICE).

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