> They Made Us Do It-Tour / free download

The tour brought us to a lot of fantastic places, cities and
countries. Now as it´s coming to its end, we´d like to give a big
thanks to  all of you, who joined us during the last couple of months.

Please enjoy this free download:

> Special Event / Berlin

We are looking forward to our next Festplatten Family Night end of
april on the 2 floors of Suicide Circus, Berlin.
Featuring – the most jackin german – Mr. Jackmate, LCD Soundsystem
bassplayer Tyler Pope, DJ Harveys bandmate Pete Z from London, beside
Festplatten buddy Leo Cubanero live and us.

28.04.2012, Suicide Circus, Berlin, from 0 – 12


_ Jackmate (aka Soulphiction, Philpot, Pampa, Stuttgart)
_ Tyler Pope (LCD Soundsystem, !!!, DFA-Records, NYC/Berlin)
_ Pete Z. (Time to Kill, Mule Musiq, London)
_ Gebrüder Teichmann (Festplatten, Berlin)


_ Leo Cubanero (Festplatten, Berlin)

> Gebrüder Teichmann Go India

We will join the India goes 3D convention that is going to happen from
the 17.04. in New Dehli, Bangalore & Mumbai as part of the
“Deutschland-Indien Jahr” – http://www.germany-and-india.com/home .
If you are around, we are looking forward to meet you there.

We are currently working on a electronic music residency in
cooperation with Goethe Institute South Asia, which will happen august
2012 in Sri Lanka with participants from South Asia and Germany.

> Listen

_ Japanese Podcast

We did a podcast for Clubberia Japan. Listen to a experimental
Teichmann DJ-Set from skweee to dabrye and beyond:

_ Andi Teichmanns “Von Wegen” on BLN.Fm

Hear Andis latest radioshows with guests like Robert Lippok, Khan of
Finnland or Hanno Leichtmann:
And now also on Soundcloud:

_ Audio Biography
Check out the Teichmann Audio Biography online.
Its a retrospective of our last 20 years of making music:

> Watch

_ BLNRB – New Clips from the Video Workshop in NRB

The Goethe Institute Nairobi organized a workshop with young Kenian
filmmakers to make videos to the songs from our BLNRB album “Welcome
To The Madhouse”.
A couple of them are already online and they are really fantastic.
Check them out here

_ Gebrüder Teichmann live at Maria – Playloud! (live) music series

Grimme Price awarded filmmakers Dietmar Post & Lucia Palacios captured
us live at the closing night of world famous Berlin club Maria.
The show was recorded in one single take, which lasts 70 minutes.
No edits except for the head and tail credits.
play loud! and us would like to dedicate this film to Ben de Biel &
his team at Maria am Ostbahnhof.


The perfomance is part of the “play loud! (live) music series”:

001 Floating di Morel
002 Doc Schoko
003 FM Einheit + Irmler
004 Faust
005 Gebrüder Teichmann
006 Christy & Emily
007 Damo Suzuki & Sound Carriers

> Upcoming Dates

.07.04.2012, Cologne, DE: LIVE @ Electric Love @ Subway
.12.04.2012, Berlin, DE: DJ Andi Teichmann @ Golden Gate
.13.04.2012, Hamburg, DE: DJ Team @ Prinzenbar
.28.04.2012, Berlin, DE: DJ Team @ Festplatten family @ Suicide Circus
.05.05.2012, Murnau, DE: Hannes Teichmann @ Skala
.17.05.2012, Berlin, DE: Andi Teichmann @ Golden Gate
.18.05.2012, Berlin, DE: Teichmann live @ Ritter Butzke
.25.05.2012, Schongau, DE: Teichmann & Söhne @ Connect Festival, Schongau
.26.05.2012, Zürich, CH: Zukunft tbc
.02.06.2012, Regensburg, DE: beigeGT live @ Kinokneipe
.16.06.2012, Berlin, DE: Festplatten Family @ Suicide Circus
.21.06.2012, Berlin, DE: Hannes Teichmann @ Golden Gate
.24.06.2012, Berlin, DE: DJ Team @ Kater Holzig
.29.06.2012, Laerz, DE: Teichmann live @ Fusion
.07.07.2012, Osnabrück, DE: Teichmann live @ Asta Festival
.13.07.2012, Berlin, DE: Andi Teichmann @ Shitpararde, Suicide Circus
.14.07.2012, Augsburg, DE: Teichmann Live @ Schwarzes Schaf

> Releases

Teichmann – They Made Us Do It – Festplatten
BLNRB – Welcome to the Madhouse – out|here

> Buy
Beside the CD and digital version, we did limited amount of
handnumbered and special packaged vinyl copys of “They Made Us Do It”.
If you want to reserve one for you, visit your favorite recordstore or
send an email


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