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Happy New Year from the SynGate team


We continue as we used to do and have some nice new (re-) releases. As well we like you to pay attention for the latest albums of the last months.



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Liebe Freunde und Bekannte von SynGate,

am 24. März 2012 findet das Satzvey Castle Festival mit Elektronischer Musik der Berliner Schule statt.

Es spielen auf: ebia, BatteryDead und Rainbow Serpent; weitere Infos unter


Dear friends of SynGate,

on 24th March 2012 the Satzvey Castle festival with Berlin School of Electronic Music will take place.

There will be performances by ebia, BatteryDead and Rainbow Serpent.
Please see for further details.



Sabine, Lothar und Kilian
















NEW SynGate CD-R(eleases)





SYNCO – 85-89

SynGate CD-R SC01
released 1989 | reissued 2009

SYNCO – 85-89 Vol. 2

SynGate CD-R SC04
recorded 85-88 | released 2011
The SYNthesizer COoperation SYNCO was founded 1984 in Berlin by Frank Klare and Mirko Lüthge. They bought used but still expensive equipment from Tangerine Dream and Klaus Schulze and composed music in their style. So listen to classic Berlin School of Electronic Music music from the 80s played on analog equipment like PPG-Modularsystem, Korg MS-Modularsystem, ARP 2600, ARP Odyssee or MiniMoog.
Finally the epic tracks ‘Kaskade’ and the studio version of ‘Synthasia’ are availablke on CD-R. All recordings are relics of the ’85-89′ release, one of the finest albums with Berlin School of Electronic Music from the 90’s. Tracks 1–4 recorded 1985 and taken from the MC ‘Kaskade’. Track 5 recorded 1986 and taken from the MC ‘Synthasia’. Tracks 6–12 recorded 1988 and taken from the MC ‘Motodrom’.

All tracks are recovered from the original 80s tape recordings and remastered within the realms of possibilty, however tracks 1 and 3 from Vol. 2 suffer from volume distortions. (LL)




Traumklang – The Omen

SynGate CD-R TK06
released 1994 | reissued 2011


Ex SYNCO member Frank Klare and Carola Kern make up Traumklang for the first time. Of the 5 tracks on the album four are in the 10 to 20 minute bracket. ‘Oracle’ opens in dark mood with electronic rhythms and percussion dominating, and the latter half of the track serves up a feast of impressive sequences. The longest and king track is ‘The Omen’ which clocks in at just over the 19 minute mark. Frank Klare had a hand in writing this piece and immediately it shows. Robust sequencing is the order of the day and thoughts of SYNCO easily come to mind. This track may not be all that subtle but it’s certainly effective. The album closes with the (relatively) short ‘Mystic Visions’ presenting pin sharp sequences and some strong melodic embellishments. (GG)





BatteryDead – Sands Of Deception

SynGate CD-R BD02
released 2011


A well balanced chill – album, flowing motives, nice sequences and rythms, that cause body motion – a “cheering up” album. The well engeneered soundmix contributes a great overall impression of this album, excellent material as well for headphones as for home- or car audio equipment.



Releases of the last months





TMA – SynthsOrganics

SynGate CD-R TA03
released 2011


Due to the cooperation with various artists this album sounds different. They mixed different styles and instruments of natural and synth sounds, that makes ‘SynthsOrganics’ so special. With some spontaneous improvisations one can also feel the expression of the musicians passion..




Syndromeda – The Rise Of The Darkness

SynGate CD-R SS11

released 2011


‘Syndromeda (anagram of “The synthesizer syndrome of Andromeda”) is the Belgian composer Danny Budts. His music is very uncomplicated, it creates itself, he doesn’t think much about composing it. His songs describe what’s in his heart, his mind, about his mood at the time of making it, moments he wants to keep and to share with others. Sometimes his music is pleasant, sometimes it’s melancholic or even sad. His music is strongly inspired by the Teutonic “Berliner Schule”, but Danny is not afraid of using deep atmospheric soundscapes. He tries to combine these 2 musical forms to produce his own sound.

He also believes music is very important for mankind: “Music is one of the oldest things on earth – listen to nature, you can hear music – even in the cosmos there is music. People have always been involved with music, but we must use it rightly, only in a positive way.” He believes music can heal a lot of things. Always keeping this in mind he will continue making his music.




Alien Nature – Station Platforms

SynGate CD-R AN05

released 2011


The perfect distillation of the classic Teutonic Electronic sound. The tracks begin with waves of synthetics unfolding, sequencer slowly filtering into the mix, and then long, undulating multi-layers of synthetic sound mutating from one cosmic, symphonic theme into the next. A cerebral listening trip extraordinaire. Enter the train and hear the station platforms transform from one song to the next



Kikai – Labor

SynGate CD-R KI01

released 2011


The latest artist of SynGate with his first label release!

Kikai (jap./kanji) means ‘ocean of energy’. Kikai started as a solo-project of Marius C. Hammerich to be a place for musical creativity. Since 2005 it evolves more and more into a solid project with musicians from around the world participating.

The music of ‘Kikai’ is inspired by machines and sounds from the early days of synthesizer music – freshed up with acoustic, ambient and sonic elements.



Artists from other labels available at SynGate





Triple S – Poles

SynGate Dist. CD PS061

released 2011


Triple S is a music project that was found in 2011. Project members are Max Schiefele, Erik Seifert and Josef Steinbuechel. All of them see the task of focusing their audio production skills for creating a concept album. The title of the album is “Poles”. The album describes experiences from the world of the poles. Parished coldness, storm, snow and ice are to be experienced by the music very tightly in a unique polar soundscape from icy winds up to icebergs breaking apart and plunging into the sea with a slam.

Both sound engineers Erik Seifert and Josef Steinbuechel care for an elaborated mastering and crystal clear sounds by different synthesizers and effect machines as well as the virtuous and emotional guitar parts of Max Schiefele, that give an emphasis on an atmospheric suspense.




F.D.Project – Water And Earth

SynGate Dist. CD FD09

released 2011


It’s with a lot of emotionalism and passion that Frank Dorittke undertakes Water and Earth, a great album where melodies are charmingly moulded by superb sequential movements. Multiple sequences which crisscross under synth layers at once caustic and oniric, as well as a guitar with riffs always so heavy but with solos sometimes violent and sometimes melancholic…



Pyramid Peak – 5VOR12

SynGate Dist. CD PP11

released 2011



1) Dr. Blofeld and the Waldorf pupils- this is the result of extensive playing around with a Waldorf Blofeld Synth and an Arpeggiator. Powerfull, dynamic electronic music in the spirit of Berlin School. (Waldorf Schule: is the German name for Rudolf Steiner School,so this title is just a little pun)


2) Tears of Joy – in this 6-minutes introduction Max “maxxess” Schiefele lets his guitar sing to melt  the audience away. But attention – after this long intro a beat in the style of “Schiller” starts  – anyway, distinctively PP.


3) Lichtermeer – not only the longest track with 29:20 but as well  the most diversified one. Live recorded during the PP concert in Bochum Planetarium 2010. Sequenzes, Melodies, Beats and Synth FX, what could the heart desire more?…


4) Random Event Reloaded – a hit from 2001 refreshed 2011. 10 years after its first release we put some effort on it again at the computer and rerecorded this most often live played song. In result a tremendously powerfull and rousing version of this classic track came into new existence.


5) 5vor12 – a worty conclusion of the album – as well recorded live 2010 at Planetarium Bochum. This once more is a summary of all that is the core of PP sound, flavoured with Max`unequalled emotional guitar.



Pete Farn – Ringmodulator

SynGate Dist. CD PF09

released 2011


An album completely addicted to the Ringmodulator – as we know from Pete Farn, mystically, strange, very special – a must for Pete Farn fans, a rewarding try for anyone, who likes to travel through music spaces and is open for new experiences


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