Dear friend of SynGate,

due to a lot of reasons we shortened our catalog, but we keep on presenting some of the finest Electronic Music,
that Germany and some crossborder countries have to offer.
Our 10th anniversary of the german EM festival Satzvey Castle will take place on 7th May 2011.
We apologize for the problems with some CD-Rs from 2007/2008, but keep in mind,
that when you purchase real CD-Rs instead of downloading or mp3 swap you support the artists
and we change you bad CD-Rs as long as you like the music to listen to.


NEW releases:
  Alien Nature + TMA – Hydra (2010, SynGate CD-R 2183)

Wolfgang Barkowski’s (Alien Nature) and Torsten M Abel’s (TMA) 2nd collaboration is a small masterpiece of EM, Berlin School style.

Alien Nature + TMA – Live
Freitag, den 26. November 2010, um 19:30 Uhr im Planetarium Recklinghausen
Tauchen Sie ein in die elektronischen Klangwelten und flirrenden Sequenzen von Alien Nature & T M A. Begeben sie sich mit Wolfgang Barkowski alias Alien Nature und Torsten M. Abel alias TMA auf eine musikalische Reise durch Zeit und Raum unter dem Sternenzelt. 

Eintritt: 10 Euro, ermäßigt 8 Euro

Planetarium Recklinghausen 
Stadtgarten 6 
45657 Recklinghausen
Reservierung empfohlen: Tel./Fax: 02361/23134
Info: , 

  BIOnight – Density Waves (2010, SynGate CD-R BT09)

Here it is, at last: “Density Waves,” BIOnighT’s ninth album. We’re very happy with the result, I must say it’s one of the very few albums of ours that came out easily, spontaneously, and without too much fighting (which is usually the main ingredient of all our works 😉 – I think that, just like the world, we might be entering a new phase.
Just like we did with our previous albums, we tried to find an individual personality for this work, both in terms of sounds and atmosphere. Unlike “Resonance of the Spirit,” which merged acoustic instruments and electronics, this album is totally electronic. Some tracks explore EM’s poetic side, others are wild, but all of them are paths we decided to walk to see what happens. A new element for BIOnighT we introduced is the use of some sounds we sampled, such as an old printing machine (courtesy of a local printing company), voices, my washing machine, etc. This is a direction we’ll probably be exploring further in the future.
Anyway, we hope you will follow us in this voyage and that we’ll be able to take you to faraway places with us once more.

 Vanderson – Anything Can Happen (2010, SynGate CD-R VN06)
Maciej Wierzchowski aka Vanderson is an analoque/digital synths artist from Poland. ‘Anything Can Happen’ is the newest Vanderson album with shorter tracks. A fine blend of TD-like music of the end 80s.

 Vanderson – From The Bottom Of Space (2010, SynGate CD-R VN05)
Maciej Wierzchowski aka Vanderson is an analoque/digital synths artist from Poland. From The Bottom Of Space is the musically successor of Earth Moving with shorter studio tracks. Again a fine blend of TD-like sequencer music of the 80s.

 ebia – Space Explorer (SynGate CD-R EM05)


 Axess / maxxess – Impact
6 years have passed since our successful collaboration ‘contact’ (2004). Now its time for a worthy successor. We are proud to present ‘Impact’. 6 tracks with energetic grooves, rhythmic textures, crying guitars and monstrous soundwalls. (MS)

 Axess – Fusion
The Pyramid Peak keyboarder Axel Stupplich presents us a special jewel of electronic music: “Axess – Fusion” His previous album “Axess – Voices Of Dawn” already featured fine, dreamy-atmospherical sounds. Axess picks up this style. This time he has been inspired by astronomy, by the sun and its energy and by the night sky. In comparison to his previous album “Fusion” puts more weight on sequences. By this his new CD has turned into an excellent Berlin School album with sensitive melodies and sounds within a fantastic dreamy atmosphere. 

 Deep Imagination – Awareness
Thorsten Sudler-Mainz, founder of successful Ambient music group Art Of Infinity, offers top-notch Electronica on „Awareness“, the new album by his solo project Deep Imagination. While the first two albums by Deep Imagination, “Scapes” and “Gemstones”, were dominated by ambient sounds with wide sonic landscapes, Sudler-Mainz has created a completely new stylistic approach for the new record: here the listener is caught by exquisitely programmed trancy grooves. Together with the gently flowing soundscapes this creates a completely unique variation of modern Electronica. The ten tunes on “Awareness” each deal with different aspects of consciousness. A gigantic space of sound almost overwhelms the listener in the opening track “Awareness Part 1 – Space”. The gentle and dreamy side of Deep imagination is presented in “Awareness Part 2 – Clouds”. The whistler’s melody in “Awareness Part 3 – Surroundings” might remember some listeners of the soundtrack of the popular tv series “The X-Files”, while the epic “Awareness Part 4 – Tradition” with its running time of more than ten minutes is a true cornerstone of this extraordinary album. With Matthias Krauss, Thorsten Rentsch and sax player Stefan Höllering three excellent guest musicians, who are well known to fans of Art Of Infinity, have contributed to “Awareness”. It is the first record of Deep Imagination to be released on PRUDENCE. Extraordinary, ambitious Electronica between Art Rock and Trip Hop. (BSC Music/Prudence, 2010)

 F.D.Project – Time To Remember

 Rainbow Serpent & Isgaard – Stranger

 Broekhuis, Keller & Schönwälder – In Repelen (DVD/CD)

SynGate presents/präsentiert
Satzvey Castle 2011
7th May 2011
with/mit u.a.
Broekhuis, Keller & Schönwälder
and more
further details coming soon/weitere Infos bald hier


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