Storung Releases New Single “Circus Time” Feat. Sadhana Lila


European industrial and cold wave rock band Storung has returned with a surprise new release, “Circus Time.” The song is written in the same dark, explosive vein for which fans have come to revere them, and features the added talents of singer-songwriter Sadhana Lila. The release comes more than 30 years after Storung first walked onstage in 1981, and proves that while the industrial music scene may have aged in that time, the driving, dance-inspiring sound of Storung hasn’t aged a bit.


The current incarnation of Storung emerged in 2011, its core artists being drummer Stephanie Klei and founding member, composer and guitarist Eugenius. A well known and respected live act for three decades, they now create their brand of whirling, fiery music in their studio in collaboration with other artists. The most notable of these collaborators is the powerful, arresting female vocalist on the “Circus Time” single, Sadhana Lila. The single also includes a remix titled, “Circus Time – The Ballroom Remix.” Digital re-releases of Storung’s “Induction” (recorded 1999) and the 1982 LP “This Is Future” are also slated for release in the coming weeks.


Eugenius, the heart and soul of the band, has very clear motives in co-writing “Circus Time” with Sadhana Lila. He says, “’Circus Time’ is about celebration, enjoyment and success. Basically it conveys the message that, yes, we are all doomed, and things can get very rough sometimes, but there is still so much out there that can be done for pleasure and can be done to enjoy.”


Like the rest of humanity, Eugenius himself has had his ups and downs, but he’s got one thing straight: life’s not all pain. “Let’s celebrate and have fun with every success and every achievement.” He summarizes this philosophy by paraphrasing some of the most boisterous, enervating lyrics from “Circus Time.”


“There is no time to sit down,” he says. “Bring on the bread and bring on the wine and have some fun!”


The music listening world might do well with bread and wine, but Storung’s “Circus Time” is a fantastic way to start on a Friday night.


“Circus Time” by Storung is available online worldwide beginning 10 April 2013.


-S. McCauley

Staff Press Release Writer



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