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This week: Hey everyone! This week seems to be the week of superb NOISE AND EXPERIMENTAL releases. Wait till you check out the selection! The new MANUFACTURA, for example, is a lesson in powernoise. This new 2CD (out soon on Rustblade) comes with 2CD and features remixes by the likes of Terrorfakt, Xotox, Converter, Architect and Lexincrypt, C/A/T, Detune-X, Noorglo, Sandbalsting and Cenotype!! Watch out, though, it’s limited to 300 and (for now) we have a special pre-order price on it!! Before we get to the rest of the noise, there are some other genres happening. Artoffact Records releases the second album from goth-rock sensation OMEGA LITHIUM!! The new album features 12 tracks of solid rocking and danceable heavy music, and is a must-have for fans of Epica, Within Temptation, and Rammstein! SLEEPWALK is back with an exclusive EP featuring remixes by Painbastard, Supreme Court and more! THE CARS return with a new album, their first in years, available on both CD and LP. Dark Dimensions is keeping us on our toes with gothic releases from Fliehende Sturme, a limited edition 2CD from Amnistia (remixes by amGod, Accessory, Plastic Noise Experience, To Avoid, Dupont, and more!!). Robin Guthrie delivers (yes another) album of beautiful soundscapes. And boy do we have the experimental covered this week! Check it out: ant-zen drops two new albums, one from 100blumen and the other from Anhst Anders. Hymen Records delivers new goodies from Twenty Knives, Slew52, and Karsten Pflum. Ohm Resistance drops two freakin’ amazing albums: Submerged and Merzbow! Cyclic Law deliver re-issues of long out-of-print Kammerheit material as well as a new album from Psychomanteum. Hands is back with several new releases, including Orphx, Hysteresis, and Wieloryb. As if all that wasn’t enough, the Elektroanschlag series comes back with a limited edition volume 7! And there’s more!! A new vinyl from Hecq and Exillon, new Law Rah Collective, new Mortaja, and two stunning albums from Ad Noiseam in Mobthrow and The Teknoist. It’s gonna be a noisy Spring!!


UPDATE ON DAFT PUNK / TRON 10″: We are almost through writing all our happy (well not so happy) Tron customers. Thank you for your patience!!






Limited Box (300 copies) set with bonus CD
with remixes of Architect, Converter, Terrofakt, Detune-x plus Gadget. The Limited Box Set Edition to Manufactura’s The Pleasures Of The Damned release is a also a very special collection on it’s own. Bringing together remixes from some of the very best Powernoise artists in North America and Europe. Featuring killer cuts from the always powerful Terrorfakt, Xotox, Converter, Architect and Lexincrypt, C/A/T, Detune-X, Noorglo, Sandbalsting and Cenotype . Also included in the box set are 3 new unreleased tracks from Manufactura PLUS STICKER, POSTCARDS AND RAZORBLADE. Created for all the fans who have been asking for such a release for several years. ESENTIAL! Released on Rustblade and available July 12th, 2011.












Kinetik is the new creation by the Eastern European quartet Omega Lithium, whose 2010 album Dreams in Formaline landed them some of the goth-metal scene’s top marks. The new album includes eleven loud, young, energetic and directly “in your face” tracks which are brought to you by a production team responsible for the likes of Rammstein, Guano Apes, Siddharta, and more! An album that mixes old and new, synths and soul for a different result than anything you’ve ever heard! Comes with a bonus remix, free poster, and free pins.

1. Colossus
2. Dance With Me
3. Strip Me
4. Time Of Change
5. Kinetik
6. Salvation Refused
7. I Am God
8. Breaking
9. Cut Forget
10. Wind
11. Pjesma
12. Kinetik (Mechanic Remix)






The long-standing collaboration between Bruno and Oliver Ruch Spring ended in 2005 after the release of “Rapid Eye Movement” (Scanner). SLEEPWALK was then reformed as trio with Andreas Lehmann and Roland Ruch. First sign of life after the restart was the free web-EP “Revenge Of The Lost”published in 2009. Sleepwalk are currently working on the next fulltime release. This April appears due to the large demand the free web-published EP “Revenge of the lost” in a physical form. You should expect some surprises. The limited edition EP will contain two bonus tracks, and a four remixes from Painbastard, Stereomotion, Supreme Court and Reizstrom. Besides the studio work another focus of Sleepwalk is a strong live presence from Europe to America. Sleepwalk will be a convincing returner after a long pause in the Electronic Circus. Released on Scanner and available April 29th, 2011.

1. Hunt
2. Blindness
3. Man Machine
4. Life As A Gift
5. Dig Your Grave
6. Control
7. Dig Your Grave (Encounter Remix By Painbastard)
8. Dig your grave (Still Alive Remix by Reizstrom)
9. Control (Stereomotion Remix)
10. Dig Your Grave (Remix By Supreme Court)




Move Like This, The Cars’ first album of new music in many years, is a vibrant and ingenious collection that expertly extends their already extraordinary canon. Retooling innovative art rock, sleek New Wave, and punchy power pop in their own idiosyncratic image, The Cars’ groundbreaking sonic approach continues to influence artists and airwaves today. Songs like “Blue Tip” and “Free” are invigorating and imaginatively wrought, with all the trademark elements in place, from Ocasek’s sardonic, man-machine vocalizing and Greg Hawkes’ swirling synths to Elliot Easton’s turbo-charged riffing and David David Robinson’s pop-motorik beats. Released on Interscope and available May 11th, 2011.

1. Blue Tip
2. Too Late
3. Keep On Knockin’
4. Soon
5. Sad Song
6. Free
7. Drag On Forever
8. Take Another Look
9. It’s Only
10. Hits Me





since the beginning 100blumen have constituted a firm combination of powerful electronics and political acuteness. started as a one man project by marcel van blumen, the project amplified to a duo after chris vanblumen’s guitarsupported marcel during live performances and on a few past tracks – now chris is a permanent band member and together they’re stronger than ever. on the fourth album on ant-zen their versatility is audible on each track, way beyond any ‘industrial’ or ‘electropunk’ clichés. supported by l. delogne (le moderniste) who is responsible for the spoken word on ‘la fin absolue du monde’ and 16pad noise terrorist collaborating on ‘dig that shizzel’, 100blumen have created a deep expression of ‘feelings while living in a surveillance society’. this album contains a multilateral spectrum of vibes ranging from melancholic violence to belligerence. a multitude of rhythmic variations – broken and straight – appended with stirring basses lay the groundwork for subtle melodic excursions, synthesized fury and razor-sharp six-string attacks, all kept together with epic artificial string entries. stylistic boundaries are non-existent: ambient, technoid industrial, punk and breakbeat add up to an explosive bouquet – play loud! Released on ant-zen and available April 29th, 2011.

1. la fin absolue du monde
2. the hurt
3. we’re not your friends
4. dig that shizzel
5. who needs borders
6. unleashed surveillance
7. something went wrong,
8. who knows better times
9. good bye dying world 40052824


ahnst anders’ latest album reflects the personal changes and experiences in his’ life since the release of ‘many ways’. for a certain period he lived in berlin and the time he spent in germany’s agitating metropolis was the desired and necessary main inspiration for this release. the result might be an artistic rediscovery to those who are familiar with his previous works. being known as a mainly ambient-oriented artist, anders processed the many suggestions he received by applying a rigid intensity, making this album way more solid than anything he has done before. vibes ranging from iciness, disorientation and hatred to euphoria, security and love – the development between being emotively homeless and finding the way home. as the nine tracks were intended to be connected as a whole, it is highly recommended to play the entire album from start to finish as one. from the dark ambient monolith ‘intro’ to the sanguine, hypnotic title track and the quiet shores of ‘hope & homeless’ as an epicenter, ‘home’ might be interpreted as an aural wave starting and ending on a high peak and having a low one at the centre expressing true dynamics. most tracks on this album are built around varied grooves from dubstep to mesmerizing tribal textures to create astonishing ambiences and cinematic soundscapes with a deeply human feel. ‘home’ proves to be a very enduring record, on which ahnst anders shows some clear signs of his visionary talent. Released on ant-zen and available April 29th, 2011.

1. intro
2. after dark
3. hate & love
4. nobody home
5. dark sun
6. hope & homeless
7. homerun
8. walking home
9. home


you have received a royal invitation: leaving your spaceship you are stranded on a strange, colourful island. a tiny robot takes you by the hand and is your host for the next 45 minutes (you will even have the chance to speak to him!). everything is a bit odd here, but who could resist the urge to explore this foreign kingdom? ‘the royal we’ by twenty knives is the perfect soundtrack for our trip. it will stimulate your imagination with sounds mixed together from electronica, idm and dubstep, sometimes with traditional influences or orchestrated by string quartet. all this pleases our ears and is the result of a curious and talented artist from the noble lands of nyc: the man behind twenty knives serves us 13 songs full of self-made instruments and effects. together with him singing instead of common sampling, the whole album bears an irresistible personal spirit. all of the compositions consist of powerful harmonics, being carried over the edge, overdriven, and still sophisticated in a way only electronic emperors know to do. we feel reminded of 1990s computer games, a very alien version of alice in wonderland and a crazy mechanical hatter. and while you struggle to understand what your ears are encountering, you realize your feet have already started tapping to the rhythms. not only for lovers of the experience of mind-expanding drugs, this release makes you the protagonist in your own fairytale. the ‘royal vomitorium’ from the miwak twelve compilation (hymen records ¥777) has been a hors d’oeuvre of what will finally expand here to a full-blown psychedelic trip. and yet, we are already looking forward to what will be chapter two after this aristocratic prelude. twenty knives is the electronic glamrock of the century, absorbing the madness of aphex twin on lsd with ziggy stardust singing the royal theme of a velvet goldmine. Released on Hymen and available April 29th, 2011.

1 landing sequence
2 royal, inc.
3 eyeball shoes / petting zoo
4 royal road
5 martha
6 funeral fires
7 square brain
8 rradio
9 cump land
10 royal computorium
11 the royal hall
12 the royal we
13 ?


slew52, who has also appeared as slam52 and .slam: is the aarhus / denmark based project of daniel kosenko, here presenting his first full length album after the cknirk digital ep release. starting as an electric bass player in 2001 and attending lessons at music schools daniel discovered the sound of squarepusher and autechre by chance and started assimilating these new inspirational sounds with open source music software. the manipulation of pure data into sound (or ‘klang’, as daniel designates) became his main focus, inspired by post-industrial, drone and avantgarde artists like coil, thomas köner, the hafler trio and nurse with wound. in 2007 he discovered a hardware rhythm producing / sampling tool named machinedrum which changed his approach to sound production from non-rhythmic works towards the examination of cadences. beat-oriented or not, slew52’s musical aim has always been of an explorative and experimental embouchure. catalog demonstrates the many facets of daniel’s artistic and emotional spectrum and the separate cd’s should be seen as two different sides of one medal. cd1 displays what he calls ‘adrenaline tracks’: twisted beats and alienated styles from dubstep to futuristic breakcore result in eleven abstract, challenging works drilling inside the unprepared listeners’ brain like sonic mindbombs. besides his own creations, he also used tracks by dj donna summer, dustdive and even a youtube video soundtrack as his basis. this is densely produced, detialed contemporary experimental music you have to be focused upon, but it is definitely worth the struggle. the ten tracks on cd2 are entirely different: based on electroacoustics and ambient / drone-oriented, these works showcase the other side of slew52 – an entirely different starting point and direction regarding his thoughts on sound. vivid, dark and cinematic sound sculptures enriched with expertly placed field recordings generate a collection of varied atmospheres, both relaxative and menacing. this album is maybe the most antithetic release hymen records ever made, showing two apparently different sides of an artist – nevertheless the difference lies in the eyes of the beholder, and slew52 demonstrates to you in his own way, that the way he sees it, there is actually no difference at all – it’s only two perspectives, yielding in one catalog. Released on Hymen and available April 29th, 2011.

cd1: 01. frosd
02. bedintruder (wonky touch by slew52)
03. klomofz
04. leecher
05. gheestyfive
06. new glands
07. lolest
08. fake french rap (with goodiepal)
09. fuzkysolo
10. donna summer – rockrockrock (slew52 edit)
11. dustdive – kratzen (cklub ckaos rethink by slew52)

cd2: 01. intro
02. odiv
03. eyesofear
04. genu
05. varum
06. gogetaticket
07. grandfathers
08. caramel
09. kloma
10. outro or don’t you dare to remember


inspired equally by 80’s synth pop, detroit techno and nordic folk-music, karsten pflum started experimenting with old synths and sequencers in the middle of the 90’s using the name of slaphead faun. after discarding that name he released his first album ‘tracks’ on the legendary label worm interface in 2003, soon followed by ep’s and full length releases on labels like jenka music, tender productions, suburban trash industries and mindwaves (where slaphead faun rose again as an album title). his music has been broadcasted across the airwaves by such luminaries as legendary british dj legend john peel and mary anne hobbs to name a few, and he has toured in scandinavia, germany, uk, spain & turkey, both solo and as a member of groups. over the years he became part of the intriguing and very talented young danish school of electronica and a driving force of the north european electronic music stage. currently he lives in berlin and studied electronic music at the academy of his former home town of aarhus. karsten pflum pays tribute to the glory days of idm without losing focus on the future of the genre. he explores the boundaries of heavy bass driven dubstep, frantic d’n’b and breakcore, combining soulful soundscapes with hard complex rhythm programming and treatments. ‘i make music as a kind of therapy’ he explains, ‘i try to live in a parallel world of music, where the things that happen reflect ‘reality’ but at the same time live their own life, and kind of grow on their own. i guess i am a pretty typical electronic musician, who tries to develop my music all the time, and find the identity that suits me at the time.’ the curious playfulness that has characterized pflum’s work since his debut has evolved and become less naïve and more sophisticated. ‘no noia my love’ offers a multitude of twisted yet melodic tracks with an epic quality, exploring the borderlands between repetition and rhythmic intricacy. through his incredibly distinct programming, alluring ambience and low frequency treatment he brings the minimal compositions to higher grounds, balancing between machine-generated tightness and organic plasticity. in karsten’s own words, the album title is meant as a genuine wish for the recipient not to worry, everything will be alright. so take a deep listen to this crystal clear production and welcome the new hymen records’ family member. no noia, my love! Released on Hymen and available April 29th, 2011.

01 the hand
02 lov dog
03 muntermacher
04 dansk notebook center
05 fr+©
06 wrraou
07 ipkip
08 capstone switch
09 drum ppl
10 imun card
11 nud mining
12 no noia my love
13 mimer


FLIEHENDE STÜRME present their new album “Warten auf Raketen”, in contrast to the previous albums this one was mostly recorded by the complete band, now again grown to a trio with Jens Halbauer on drums and Uwe Hubatschek on bass. Once again the band “re-invented” itself and nevertheless the tracks, all written by Andreas Löhr, have got from the first song “Sterne” the absolute typical recognition value. Manic guitar riffs and the distinctive voice as well as the hammering bass lines from Uwe Hubatschek and the driving and elaborated drum beats from Jens Halbauer impart the special sound to the tracks. Brute and angry, but also floating and melodiously. Released on Alice in and available April 29th, 2011.

1. Sterne
2. Führerlos
3. Teilzeit
4. Horizont
5. Stahl
6. Schatten
7. Werk III
8. Netzte
9. Tiefe
10. Still
+ Hidden Track



The production of the long awaited third album “egotrap” took nearly 3 years. During this time the Amnistians had formative experiences that found their way onto the new tracks. For example “day of birth” is an hommage to Stefan Schötz’s first born child. Although it was constructed as an instrumental track, Boris May from Klangstabil added lyrics and vocals after intensive brainstorming with the band. And this is not the only cooperation that can be found on the new album. Carsten Jacek from [:SITD:] lent his vocals to “Absolute nothingness”, originally an instrumental track as well. Then something completely new happened: the industrial beats of Amnistia and Carstens unique voice melted into a perfect symbiosis. The main voice of Amnistia is there too of course – singer Tino Claus rages, mourns, begs and accuses with his critical lyrics. Musically you can hear the well known crisp bass-lines, dense soundscapes and the solid drum- and snare-work; all of this is complemented by breakbeats, glitches and vocoders. The package is rounded off by a full bonus-CD of remixes. Big names like Plastic Noise Experience, Rotersand, Dupont, amGod, Accessory and Daniel Myer (Haujobb / Destroid) deliver great club tracks. The brilliant mastering was done by Krischan Wesenberg (Rotersand, Straftanz). Released on Scanner and available April 29th, 2011.

CD 1
1 init4
2 sermon
3 egotrap
4 research
5 faceless
6 day of birth (2008/2:13) (feat. Klangstabil)
7 elements
8 gazing eyes
9 kraft
10 film
11 absolute nothingness (feat. [:SITD:])
12 fading (like a cloud in a storm)
13 gamble with a lie

CD 2 – Remix-CD
1 elements (Rotersand rework)
2 sermon (PNE remix)
3 egotrap (Empty remix)
4 research (amGod remixxx)
5 sermon (abuse remix by Accessory)
6 red coloured emotions (Amnistia modification)
7 research (FAS vs. DSTR remix)
8 sermon (Dupont remix)
9 elements (retrospective by Depressive Disorder)
10 research (blind constrained remix by Venetian Blind)
11 egotrap (dark moon rmx by To Avoid)
12 elements (Myer / Samardzic / Ullmann remix)


Darla presents Emeralds a new album by guitarist/songwriter, producer and sound architect Robin Guthrie. Emeralds has greater sonic diversity via a wider range of guitar sounds and instrumentation than Mr. Guthrie’s previous albums. We have a few words to describe Emeralds – inspiring, spring-like, opulent, dreamy, exquisite, moving – with Guthrie quietly coaxing beauty out of layers of echoes and always inventive soundscaping. Released on Darla and available May 24th, 2011.

1. Digging for Gold
2. Radiola
3. Wishing
4. Torch
5. Warmed by the Winter Sun
6. Flower
7. Turn Together, Burn Together
8. Emeralds
9. The Blue Book
10. The Little Light Fades




Ohm Resistance founder Submerged finally takes time away from the reinventing the legacy of his label to showcase his new album: “Before Fire I Was Against Other People”. Comprised of all new Submerged material in many shades of drum n bass, rock, dubstep, and more, this is an artist with a range unlike many of his contemporaries. With the title taken from a garbled and threatening conversation with a ex-borderguard deep in the interior of Russia, the album demonstrates Submerged at his best – producing the madness that has become a haven for the hellions of darkness for more than a decade. Enlisting the talents of Scorn, Dr. Israel, Justin K. Broadrick, Joel Hamilton, Jason Selden, Ted Parsons, Balázs Pándi, and others for this album, Submerged defies conventional logic and displays his ever broadening skills as a composer, bassist, arranger, and producer. An alternate universe Blood of Heroes? A surprising, knife-edge ethno-dubstep debut? The breakcore bent drum n bass beats that defined the early Submerged? They’re all in here, and then some. Thrashing through wild production technique, psychotic percussions, and swelling ripcord basses, “Before Fire I Was Against Other People” is an adventure through the Life, Death, and Awakening of Kurt Submerged. Full volume listening recommended. Released on Ohm Resistance and available April 25th, 2011.

1. Space Arabs
2. Nowhere To Hide
3. Transport
4. No One
5. Death Sentence
6. Borderguard
7. Rorschach
8. Before Fire
9. Alive
10. Dead


Merzbow (Masami Akita) is the Japanese legend and progenitor of Noise music. For three decades his view of making music has created a new and different sound entirely unlike any other in the history of musical composition. Balázs Pándi is one of Hungary’s hottest commodities, welding the tools of grindcore to a free, improvised style that has kept him consistently in demand. Teaming up together, the percussive attack of Pándi has provided a variance and dynamic that has brought an entirely new dimension to the Merzbow live performance. This show in New York captures a truly inspired and vibrant concert – termed independently by both Masami Akita and mixing engineer Submerged as “SPACE JAZZ”. The show breaks down into an opening duet, Merzbow solo, another duet, Balázs solo, and a 22-minute soul searing ending demolishing duo performance. There is not much to say in any language about the music of Merzbow – it must be heard to be believed, as it cannot be explained in words. This performance is the highlight of the recent duo performances of Akita and Pándi; we at Ohm Resistance are honored to present it. Released on Ohm Resistance and available April 25th, 2011.


Reissue of Kammarheit’s long deleated second album wich has become a true classic in the Dark Ambient spheres. The Starwheel offers us an eloquent, more profound and highly personal album. The deeply serene drones and melancholic soundscapes are as always the main focus, but this time Pär Boström introduces an engulfing spiritual depth to his soundscapes. Here is a new glimpse of the world of Kammarheit, here’s the second meditation. Released on Cyclic Law

1. Hypnagoga
2. Spatium
3. The Starwheel [clockwise]
4. Klockstapeln
5. The Starwheel [counter clockwise]
6. A Room Between The Rooms
7. Sleep After Toyle, Port After Stormie Seas
8. All Quiet In The Land Of Frozen Scenes


Cyclic Law is proud to bring forth another new comer to it’s roster, this time with US duo PSYCHOMANTEUM’s debut “Oneironaut”. The album is a sonic portrayal of dreams tainted with the beauty of melancholia and mystery, based on various dream structures and esoteric emotions of it’s creators. Carefully manipulated field recordings layered with dense melodic drones, processed guitars and keyboards form the foundation of this body of work. The concept of the dream traveler is the main focal point behind each piece, serving as an orbital center which feeds energy and emotion into all encompassed works. A travelogue of otherworldly proportions, where the search for one’s self leads you into the abyss of the soul. Relinquish consciousness and let the subconscious speak… The album’s unique visual artwork was carefully channelled by the legendary Kati Astraeir. Edition of 1000 copies in 6 panel Digipack. 8 Tracks. Running time; 60:00. Released on Cyclic Law.

Ever Deepening
Celestial Body Absent
To Dust
Inward Eyes
Ascension Of The Subconscious
Immum Coeli
The Zenith Gateway
Outward Vision


Canadian duo Orphx have been a regular contributor to the electronic music scene from the early 1990s onwards, and they have since managed something like squaring the circle. On the one hand, they are one of the few acts in the scene to have developed a trademark sound: an Orphx track is always unmistakeably Orphx. On the other hand they enjoy appreciation from a wide variety of audiences. The industrial dancefloor crowd loves them as much as the more intellectually inclined listening fraction, and more recently they have also won over the techno audience with their vinyl releases. For such a level of recognition there can only be one explanation: The sheer quality of their sound design and the immense imaginative power of their music. Orphx return now with their new and long-anticipated studio album RADIOTHERAPY on HANDS. Once again, the Canadian duo have taken their unique hypnotic sound into new sonic territories, this time focusing on relentless electro rhythms and deep dub darkness. Pulsating percussion and modulating frequencies mesh together with organic soundscapes and cascading waves of noise to create a journey that moves from claustrophobic tension to deep hypnotherapy. Each of the album’s nine tracks creates a different sound and atmosphere but a sense of dread and unknown danger runs throughout. Radiotherapy explores the themes of illness and health, death and rebirth, creating a mesmerizing sound world of invisible energies and lost transmissions. Embrace and enjoy! Released on Hands and available April 29th, 2011.

01 Compulsion
02 Contamination
03 Radiotherapy I
04 Tensile
05 Lost Again
06 Radiotherapy II
07 Future Past
08 1200 µRH
09 Dead Zone


Belgian act Hysteresis are no newcomer to the scene, with two albums and two Maschinenfest performances constituting a decent pedigree. Since their mother label SPECTRE has gone into suspension, they have now joined HANDS to release their creative output. Previous Hysteresis releases have earned them a reputation for extreme eclecticism, and THERE IS NO SELF continues that path: It opens with a disjointed rave rocker (“I Dose”), strangely familiar but queer enough in sound to make sure one won’t take it too seriously. Such tempted the listener drops into the rollercoaster seat and enjoys the ride. On the way, lots of distorted beats explore the thrillseeker’s physical capacities and samples are scattered everywhere. Unex- pected detours are taken through raveland (stab, stab!), and a very prominent feature are tribal beats, blissfully proclaiming the praise of the rhythm. And every now and then there is that unique atmosphere, making for a coherent listening despite all that variation in tempo. For the open-minded listener, there are lots of tunes to discover: “Assange” is a potential hit on industrial dancefloors, “Dark Gravity” I s a wonderful, Panacea-style rave monster, and beautifully strange tracks are to be found all over, like the anthemic “Hellish Gospel” (crazy ethno samples) or the closing track “Indub”, which is just what it’s called, Industrial Dub. THERE IS NO SELF is a thoroughly enjoyable, entertaining album, sporting a crisp production and a plethora of ideas that are very convincing. Released on Hands and available April 29th, 2011.

01 I dose
02 Homo Rapiens
03 Hellish Gospels
04 Temper
05 Shikha
06 Calculus
07 Assange
08 Mental Universe
09 Testifire
10 Past= Real


Wieloryb is Polish for whale, and the band does have a lot in common with that animal: It rarely surfaces, it has a long lifespan and when it appears, it makes a massive impact. Founded in the early 1990s, Wieloryb from the city of Gdansk (aka Danzig) were a pioneering act of dark electronic music in Poland, scoring some quick success with their Euro Electro sound at the time. Around then they started performing regularly, among others with Jimi Tenor and Pan Sonic. Soon that first incarnation of Wieloryb disappeared, and only a couple of low key releases saw the light of day during the nougthies, suggesting a much more experimental and aggressive direction. Now they’re back for good with a proper album for HANDS, and EMPTY is no quiet return for sure. Rhythm’n’Noise is the score, tough and relentless, with only the slightest distraction thrown in: A distorted vocal (in “Matt”), a metallic proto-IDM melody (in “Gear”), the occasional sample – but apart from that, pure, unadulterated rhythm terror, with a strong Industrial Hardcore flavour. This is where the experience of a seasoned performing act comes in – an album that relies so heavily on rhythm needs proper programming, and it’s all very skilfully done, with enough variation to keep it rocking all the way to the end. Among all the potential dancefloor smashers it’s quite hard to pick out standout tracks, but let me mention “Shiva” for the sheer brilliance of how they’re hammering a heavily processed Bollywood vocal onto a nail board of broken beats. All in all, this is a very modern take on the Rhythm’n’Noise genre, a workout that guarantees multiple adrenaline rushes. Released on Hands and available April 29th, 2011.

01 Food
02 Time Out
03 I want Feel
04 Now
05 Matt
06 Signal
07 (No Signal)
08 Gear
09 Muba
10 Shiva
11 Kdansk
12 Of Securities…
13 Gdansk
14 Posen
15 Does not blink


18 tracks (15 exclusive and 1 yet unreleased) by all artists performing at elektroanschlag festival 2011 in altenburg/germany. feat. ahnst anders, bad sector, cent ans de solitude, dive, ex_tension, feine trinkers bei pinkels daheim, gjöll, ic 434, igorrr, le moderniste, mezire, näo, nullgrad, republik of screens, saturmzlide, syntech, transistor feat. flint glass, tzolk’in. hand-numbered, limited 500 copies, jewelcase packaging.

1 Ahnst Anders – Overhead 5:21
2 Bad Sector – Night Scan 4:09
3 Cent Ans De Solitude – desVisage Set Des Ruines 4:25
4 Dive – Blindness (Live) 3:55
5 Ex_Tension – 2nd Department 3:59
6 Feine Trinkers Bei Pinkels Daheim – Totehürchel 4:23
7 Gjöll – End Of History 5:33
8 IC 434 – The Dark Half (Remix) 4:04
9 Igorrr – Excessive Funeral 3:26
10 Le Moderniste – Modus Operandi 3:41
11 Mezire – Pandemic 4:18
12 Näo – Uusi (LB Version) 5:11
13 Nullgrad – Blindspot 4:58
14 Republik Of Screens – Cathodic Church 3:08
15 SaturmZlide – El Door Rado 3:54
16 Syntech – Voltage Boost (EA Edit) 3:55
17 Transistor Feat. Flint Glass – Mange-Machine 5:18
18 Tzolk’in – Xipetotec (EA12 Edit) 5:08


what is a good record? one that is a truthful statement of the creators artistic and creative expression? one that tells a story? or one that leaves a mark and an impression with the listener? ‘spheres of fury’ does all of that. an intercontinental collaboration between two exceptional artists and music innovators in the sphere of electronica and post-rave dance music. on one side of the ocean there is hymen records artist hecq (ben lukas boysen) from berlin, who, during his impressive career as a musician and sound designer, explored the vast fields of glitched-out beat collages and conceptual classical compositional works. on the other side there is exillon (jay fields) from san francisco, who went from dreamy and introverted electronica to a vibrant and sophisticated take on acid, without writing tunes, that can be only enjoyed by underground resistance hoodie-wearing engineers. both teamed up to create a piece of music, that stirred up quite a buzz and became one of the most sought-after dubplates of the last 18 months amongst listeners and djs. with it’s video, that two of uk’s leading video directors, tim brown and christopher hewitt, created for it and which not only aggregated more than 700.000 views within a short amount of time,but also was nominated as for the uk music video awards, ‘spheres of fury’ became already way ahead of its release one of the most successful underground tunes of the year 2010. the track itself is as multi-faceted as its origin and can be seen like a bridge within the different islands within the ‘bass music’ continuum of the last years: it takes the heaviness of a dubstep beat and combines it with the rolling amen-break action of jungle for its rhythmical basis, seasoning it with deep 808 kicks in the break-down. together with it’s screaming synths ‘spheres of fury’ is a behemoth of a rave-anthem: captivating, impelling, catchy and ecstatic. the ‘spheres of fury’ ep also rounds up three other exceptional talents as remixers: duran duran duran, infamous for being the hardest raving us-expat with releases on labels like planet mu and cock rock disco boils the track down to it’s full 4/4 functionality, the teknoist, a figure-head of uk-hardcore and exillon’s label-mate on ad noiseam deconstructs and re-explores the tracks rhythmical foundation, while techdiff, a music tech-whiz, up- and coming producer and international insiders’ tip from brighton, put’s hecq’s and exillon’s work into a totally new context of something you can by all means call ‘glitch-step’. ‘spheres of fury’ is also the starting point for a new label and creative network under hecq’s involvement: contortion records. with its focus on the unusual, the challenging and the eclectic it is a genre-independent platform committed to both transcendency and evolvement as to the traditions of electronic music.

russian one-man outfit cisfinitum and dutch duo the [law-rah] collective are both dark ambient masters. they dedicated this split and common work to one of the very first synthesizers in the world, the ans. created by russian engineer e. murzin from 1937 to 1957, the ans is an incredible response to the synesthesia theories (the letters ans stand for alexander nikolayevich scriabin who linked tones to colours). the ans synthesizer (only one copy exists and is kept in moscow) generates special frequencies from drawings (‘it plays what you have drawn’) and in the opposite it can also create a visible image of a sound frequency. artists such as coil, edward artemiev (for tarkovsky’s solaris soundtrack) and alfred schnittke used the ans in their compositions. for this album, the [law-rah] collective and cisfinitum based their music on original sounds from the ans as well as additional recordings of various analog synths, fractal and granular synthesis, voice, violin, field recordings. they give birth to an intense cold and grey music upon which fly ghosts of melodies, archaic or yet to come…


evidently influenced by classic dark ambient/industrial artists like lustmord, ah-cama sotz and the like, mortaja worked for years as a living room only project. when bert – the head of this one-man project – decided to give a demo to audiophob, we were surprised by the quality of his productions and the fact that he has never released anything so far. ‘drown in blood’ is without a doubt the darkest release on audiophob up to this point, but we are certain, it is a good addition to the label’s portfolio.


though subtle and humane, mobthrow’s debut album is a larger-than-life experience, an elaborate and detailled ensemble of scalding beats and encompassing atmospheres, of massive basses and flowing voices. this artist offers us a very cohesive entity ranging from dancefloor-compatible drum’n’bass to introspective home-listening songs, the whole thing stuck together by his consistent work on rhythms and tones. we’re here listening to an album in the truest sense of the word, a guided adventure through an adventurous and perfectly put together concept. Released on Ad Noiseam and available April 25th, 2011.

1. Be water
2. Rainwolf
3. Deathnote
4. Angel eyes
5. Night riders
6. Bulb engine
7. Desert city rising
8. The 3 marks (ft.Katja)
9. Iron tribal
10. Street breakz
11. Alone in the ruins


the teknoist is back, and he has a posse. ‘trainwreck magnetism’ not only gathers the newest composition by one of the rare musicians who can combine the words ‘breakcore’ and ‘pristine’, but also his remixes for high profile friends such as drumcorps, king cannibal, hecq and others. it’s hard (very), sometimes dark, often angry, but also particularly varied. a highly rewarding album which satisfy both the urge to thrash around and the need for carefully crafted music, the teknoist’s new full-length is another crown for this pillar of the breakcore and hardcore sounds. released on Ad Noiseam.

1. Mu-Ziq: Siege Of Antioch (The Teknoist’s I’ve Got 2 i’s in my name remix)
2. Dead Unicorn
3. King Cannibal: Aragami Style (The Teknoist’s Boygrinder Bazooka remix)
4. Hecq & Exillon: Spheres Of Fury (The Teknoist’s Dreilide Thrace redux)
5. Tears And Fruit Cocktail
6. Prototype For a Ninja Nekromaniak (with Homeboy)
7. Danimal (with Machine Boi)
8. Septic Insurgent: Box Of Dreams (The Teknoist’s Box Of Nightmares Labotomy)
9. Drumcorps: Down & Rodigan vs Alien (The Teknoist Reckons Rodigans gonna go Down meddly)
10. Kitsunegari
11. My Sugar Ape (Moses Like This One)
12. AK-Industry: Nekrologik Antham (The Teknoist’s Gawdziwwa remix)


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