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ALLERSEELEN – Terra Incognita
6-side digipack with 16-page booklet / Ahnstern 23 – 12.50 Euro

Allerseelen are back with a great new album, Terra Incognita.

“All art is at one surface and symbol. Those who go beneath the surface do so at their peril.” (Oscar Wilde: Dorian Grey) is the quotation that Allerseelen use for this release. So be adventurous enough to go beneath the surface of the music of Allerseelen! While their highly acclaimed last CD Rauhe Schale featured electric guitars by Dimo Dimov of Svarrogh and violins by the guest musicians Meri Tacid from Eluveitie and Annabel Lee from Blood Axis, this time they worked on the new release with a couple of high quality guest contributions by guitarrists like John Haughm (Agalloch) and Jörg B (Der Blutharsch, Amestigon, Graumahd), Daniel P. Arnica (Arnica) and Alexander Wieser (Hrefnesholt) who add their very special musical charisma to several songs. The vocals for the songs are not only those by the frontman Gerhard Hallstatt but also by Robert Taylor (Changes). This release again is a manifest for the musical expression of Allerseelen that is difficult to be labelled as it is a unique combination of seemingly contradictory elements from industrial, metal and folklore.

As usual for Allerseelen, their CD comes as digipak with a 16page booklet full of photographs and all the texts in English and German.

JÄNNERWEIN – Eine Hoffnung
6-side digipack with 16-page booklet / Steinklang SK93 – 12.50 Euro

Their brilliant new album with 13 new accoustic-neofolk hymns!
6-panel digipak with 16 pages booklet.

no more words necessary – just listen here:  Bandcamp audio


NEW out 19th June:


2LP black vinyl in super-heavy gatefold+booklet lim.200 / SK88 – 23.00 Euro
2CD in super-heavy CD-gatefold+booklet lim.412 / SK88CD – 17.00 Euro

The famous Japanese Ritual Industrial-Noise pioneers GRIM are back
with a fantastic new double-album! The album is a insanely brilliant mixture
of psychotic rhythms with schizophrenical vocals and powerful Industrial songs
in typical oldschool GRIM style.

Both editions, vinyl and CD, come in mega-heavy coated Japan-style gatefold-cover,
with a 8-page booklet in the middle and with original Japanese innersleeves.

Bandcamp audio


GRIM – [MAHA] special works LP
super-heavy boxset with special inserts by the artist lim.50 – 65.00 Euro
coloured vinyl


GRIM – [MAHA] special works CD
super-heavy boxset with handpainted inlay by the artist lim.88 – 35.00 Euro

2 new GRIM shirts out now!
both limited 30 copies only – 15.00 Euro


NEW out last week:


WAPPENBUND – The eternal empire in heaven
LP in super-heavy leather-style cover lim.90 / SK34 – 29.00 Euro

includes the mCD “Heaven”, the 7inch “Empires” and the final part of the
Empire trilogy
“Kybalion” – 9 fantastic Martial songs on 45 minutes.

LARRNAKH – Ten Years One Moment
7″EP lim.110 / Steinklang – 9.90 Euro

This is the 10 years birthday release of the famous Hungarian Neofolk/Martial/Industrial
Band LARRNAKH. Two fantastic songs on a super-limited 7″ of 110 copies only.
Only available from Steinklang and Larrnakh themselves!
Black vinyl comes in sleeve with inlay.

Available also via: Bandcamp

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