8 picture LPs in branded wooden box / Percht 21  –  99.00 euro

The incredible Ten Years Anniversary Boxset from the legendary creators of Alpine Folk Music.
> unreleased and exclusive songs only! <

Pure archaic Alpine Mysticism and heathen legends from dark forests and arcane mountains, where wild
hunter’s drinking songs meet gnarled battle-hymns for mountain trolls and thrilling tales about creepy creatures.

Eight hybrid picture LPs housed in a burn-printed wooden box, full of unreleased, lost and forgotten songs,
traditionals and alpine field-recordings, alternative versions and rehearsals of well known songs,
as well as live-recordings from the Alps and from mysterious caves around the holy mount Untersberg.

pre-sale only from 6th to 12th january 2013 at
as many orders, so many copies will be made – no more chance after 12th.

release date: march 2013


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