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VASILISK – Musick for Liberation and Ecstasy LP box
2nd edition wooden boxset lim.num.30 copies / Steinklang  –  100 Euro

Burn-printed and stained wooden boxset containing the first 3 albums “Whirling Dervishes”, “Mkwaju” and “Acqua”,
each one with a bonus track, the exclusive album “Live Blood”, featuring UNRELEASED recordings
from the band’s early years, as well as the band t-shirt.
The LPs in this boxset are without standard cover, but contain the coverartwork on bothside printed,
heavy art-paper inlays, plus a numbered inlay.
The first edition was soldout in presale within only a few hours and so many Steinklang friends were mourning,
that they got no box, so we decided to give you this second and final chance.


LP+7″+LP-matrice lim.num.19 copies / Steinklang  –  25 Euro
LP+7″ lim.num.19 copies / Steinklang  –  15 Euro

Brilliant MartialPop songs followed by strong and heroic Neo-Classical tracks. Sometimes very folky, sometimes dark hypnotic and ritual.
Many tracks for the first time with voice, one totally lovely Folk-Ballad and a dark, rural storm-song featuring Sturmpercht.
Black vinyl LP + marbled dark grey single.

A CHALLENGE OF HONOUR – 1666 – The Great Fire Of London Box XL
10″+ tshirt in lasered metalbox lim.num.4 copies / Steinklang  –  50 Euro

ACOH presents here 6 brilliant NeoFolk/NeoClassic songs about the Great fire of london in 1666. The original edition was lim.16 copies,
this are 4 copies left over with the original 10″, the original t-shirt and the original metal-box – only without the metal-plate in between the vinyl.

DKF (Noisex) – Schmerzgrenze LP+7″Pic+7″
LP + 7″Pic + clear vinyl 7″ lim..num.9 copies / Steinklang  –  25 Euro

The original LP+7″ from 1996, plus the bonus 7″, which was included only in the boxset lim.50 copies! We found 9 copies of the LP
plus a few from the ultra-limited 7″ from the boxset in a old kist in the basement, so grab that masterpiece of Rhythm-Industrial now or never!
includes numbered sticker.

SANGRE CAVALLUM – Retrospectiva 1997-2007 Box
CD box with handmade wooden mask lim.num.4 copies / Ahnstern  –  35 Euro

Wooden box contains the bands last and final album “Veleno de Teixo”, the 10-years retrospective 2CD “Troadouro”
and on top a small, hand-carved wooden mask by a traditional Portugese mask-builder.
The normal edition of this box was red wood and lim 200 copies, this one is natural wood and 4 copies only!


BISCLAVERET - Theu Anagnosis CD

black edition CD lim.222
BISCLAVERET - Theu Anagnosis LP

gold edition LP lim.111

BISCLAVERET - Theu Anagnosis CD

white edition CD lim.111

BISCLAVERET – Theu Anagnosis
ZOHARUM / STEINKLANG collaboration – Zohar 072 / SK82

fantastic new album by Bisclaveret in 3 special editions, co-released by Zoharum and Steinklang
Catchy Ritual Dark-Ambient with mantric vocals, Piano, Sitar, Tablas, Tibetan Flutes and Bells.
The Atmosphere of Theu Anagnosis reminds to some passages of BODYS RICE‘s brilliant “Hatesville” album and also to the fantastic, but long forgotten OMALA album,
but much darker and more Ambient.

CDs are out now, but the LP will be out in late August!

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