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New STEINKLANG releases out on 3rd May!

RASTHOF DACHAU - ... das andere Licht CD

RASTHOF DACHAU … das andere Licht
SK50  /  CD in 4-side-digipack lim.350 copies  –  12,90 euro

First time on CD the
two Cult-LPs from 1999 and 2002 including the hit “Exitus”.
From hard Rhythm-Industrial over
soundtrack-like Death-Rituals to icecold Dark-Electronics.
13 songs / 70 min.


ATOMTRAKT - Artefakte des Verderbens CD

ATOMTRAKT – Artefakte des Verderbens
SK56  /  CD in 6-side-digipack lim.400 copies  –  12,90 euro

Two years after the highly acclaimed „Sperrstelle Nordost“ album the mighty ATOMTRAKT are back with
a new bombastic, martial, heroic and apocalyptic Industrial release which is entitled „Artefakte des
Verderbens“. The album spreads a superior and cold atmosphere and deals with the Battle of Stalingrad
(2nd World War). As on “Sperrstelle Nordost”, cold, heroic and atmospheric synthesizer layers are mixed
with bombastic drums and military war-like rhythm patterns. The vocals on the new record vary from dark
and clean to distorted and threatening. The overall sound of the album is powerful and bombastic – it spreads
a superior and mighty atmosphere rarely heard before. The lyrics deal with fears, death, decay and ambiguity.
When listening to this sophisticated album, you can find yourself on the battlefield in Stalingrad. The album
itself never gets boring – This is due to the variety of songs and themes. The album is available in a 6-panel
DIGIPAK and it was recorded and mastered at Luftschutzkerker Studio in Switzerland.
8 songs / 52 min.


ESCUADRON DE LA MUERTE - Birds of Pain and
                        Blood CDR

ESCUADRON DE LA MUERTE – Birds of Pain and Blood

SK57  /  CDR lim.200 copies in transparent DVD case with feather  –  8,90 euro

Escuadron de la Muerte with the characteristic apocalyptic sound is back and debut in Steinklang Industries
label! “
Birds of pain and blood” begins with a irruption opening into a world of modern warfare, lost voices of
war in radio, following to obsessions of pain and murder. A atmosphere of forensic reports describes corpses
in cold industrial sounds. Vultures are in the artwork, the only bird that is behind the prey, no matter how long
can walk, the vulture is just waiting so finally death comes and the dinner of the flesh eaters is done, it is the
endless persecution, you see the feathers fall in the air, the smell of blood, and the red iron boiling.
Escuadron de la Muerte is here,… the omnious and constant fist of death!
9 songs / 51 min.



SK58  /  2CD in transparent DVD-slimcase lim.300 copies  –  15,90 euro

Ostarbeiter was a Death Industrial project of Olegh Kolyada (= the man behind Oda Relicta, First Human
Ferro, In Meditarium)
, dating back to
summer 1998. During 1999-2001 the band released several
tapes & CDRs under different titles. The current 2CD edition is a collection of material recorded at the
turn of the millennium. The industrialist document also includes four collaborations with Deutsch Nepal,
Wertham, Isomer, and Streicher. Comes in a double DVD-sized clear plastic case.

24 songs / 112 min.


STAHLWERK 9 - The Grey Ghost CD

STAHLWERK 9 – The Grey Ghost
SK59  /  CD in 4-side-digipack lim.350 copies  –  12,90 euro

A masterpiece of Black Industrial and Dark Ambient mixed with hard and pulsating rhythms.
The Grey Ghost is a psychotic soundtrack for your worst nightmares, directly crawling into your subconscious.
First new Stahlwerk 9 album since 5 years!
7 songs / 67 min.

STAHLWERK 9 – The Grey Ghost limited
limited edition of 50 copies including bonus 3″CDR  –  16,90 euro
8 songs / 85 min.


RAUHNACHT – logoshirt
lim.50  –  15,00 euro



two new Steinklang Distribution titles:

WINGLORD – Heroica CD - zum Schließen
                        ins Bild klicken


CD / Arktos  –  12,90 eur

Scandinavian Winglord are focusing on Neofolk, Neoclassical, Martial Industrial.
Imagine Europe in all her slumbering grace and splendour. Combine that image with the epic drama of
contemporary films and games, ranging from the sublime to the monumental. The music of Winglord
is the ultimate sound-track to the urgent efforts to restore the former glory of our nations.

WINGLORD – The Chosen One CD - zum
                        Schließen ins Bild klicken

WINGLORD – The Chosen One CD

CD / Arktos  –  12,90 eur

This album is the highly anticipated sequel to Winglord’s successful debut album, Heroica. Symphonic
timbres team up with solid rhythms, angelic choirs and inspiring narratives to form a mythic whole.
Every new historical era began as a vision. Be part of it – follow The Chosen One.

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