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and if You missed the
in 2009, here might be Your last chance:

a bandmember kept 3 copies of this incredible boxset and sells them now for 135 euro.
if You want to buy a copy, please tell us, we will forward Your request.



RASTHOF DACHAU – Zero Tolerance
one-sided LP in bloody splattervinyl lim.>65< copies / Steinklang SK65 – 16.90 euro

During their work on the forthcoming album “FRATERNITAS MORTIS” (coming in autumn 2013), the
guys from Austria’s well known Industrial-Electronic act Rasthof Dachau were shocked by the insane
Newtown massacre and they made a few quite extreme new Heavy Electronic tracks, which condemn
the top of human SCUM from past years: the most “famous” childmurderers and
violence against children in general are massively damned on this LP.
We fully support the band’s attitude against child-abuse in ANY form,
therefor we now compiled these unreleased songs plus one short,
but well fitting compilation-only song from 2003 for this superlimited mLP.

RASTHOF DACHAU – Blut und Boden

LP lim.>40< copies / Steinklang SK15 – 18.90 euro

The cult-LP from 1999 in a superlimited edition of 40 copies with new artwork. From hard Rhythm-
Industrial over soundtrack-like Death-Rituals to icecold Dark-Electronics. The music deals about the
act of dying from different cultural aspects: Santeria-Rituals meet Christian mythology, early Celtic
mysticism and Japanese death rituals. Including the club-hit “EXITUS”.


RASTHOF DACHAU – Schmerztherapie ’93
gatefold LP white vinyl lim.>40< copies / Steinklang SKL01 – 18.90 euro

Live from the famous Schmerztherapie Festival in Salzburg/Austria on 27.11.1993
The Schmerztherapie festival was dedicated to the victims of genocide and
mass murder during World War II.

VINTERRIKET - Entlegen CD - zum Schließen ins Bild klicken


digi CD lim.500/ Heimatfolk  – 12,90 euro

Similar to the last full-length album “Horizontmelancholie” (Steinklang Industries/Heimatfolk, 2008),
the new VINTERRIKET album “entlegen” (meaning “remote”, ”far-flung”, “outlying”) features songs full
of coldness, melancholy, desolation, emptiness and chilling atmospheres which do perfectly capture
the dark side of nature. “entlegen” is again a Neofolk/Dark Ambient masterpiece and an outstanding
tribute to the darkest side of nature. Haunting and cold electronic soundscapes are mixed with
atmospheric acoustic guitars and clean vocals. “entlegen” is an album of haunting and evocative aural
tapestries, an emotive display of tension and calm – a darkened imagery of shadowed forests and vast,
endless landscapes – a journey into deep woods, misty snow-covered hills, majestic sceneries, into the
dark side of the soul. “entlegen” was mastered at Luftschutzkerker / Switzerland and features 8 tracks
with a playing time of 62 minutes. Comes in 6 pannel digipak.
Album medley

STAHLWERK 9 - 212 3xCDR - zum Schließen ins Bild klicken


3xCDR lim.185 / Steinklang – 13,90 euro
Re-release of same named 12×7″”EP boxet on 3 professinally printed and replicated CDRs.
The music is about the French Revolution in 1789. Sounds not unlike the famous Oradour CD, heroic
and dark soundscapes from a dark age with fine samples and a few vocals.

Les chapelets de machecoul
Punit-on une hache?
Hymne a l’etre supreme


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