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CD in digipack / Heimatfolk HF12 – 12,90 eur

“Die Reise” is the third album of the eastern-German NeoFolk project Seelenthron.
Seelenthron was founded by the two basic-members of the legendary DIES NATALIS
and on several songs on their third album they go an new way, even using Folk/Epic Rock
and Alternative/Independent elements. The songs on “Die Reise” are more varied
than on the earlier albums, even using electric-guitars and accordions.
The lyrics are fulfilled with a deep love to nature and the band’s homeland Saxony,
facing very personal feelings between hope and deep despair.

Abschied von den Steinen
Die Reise
for years
Schatten und Licht

lim 99 copies in transparent DVD-slimcase / Steinklang  – 7.90 eur

brilliant Martial/Neoclassic á la Triarii, Dernière Volonté, LJDLP – LAST COPIES!

La forét obscure
A six mille milles
Les tristes circuits

LEGER DES HEILS – Hurray! 7″
handmade cover lim.200 – 14.90 eur

3 fantastic new songs – LAST COPIES!


OAK FOLK – compilation
CD in 6-side digipack – Ahnstern 48 / AORCD14 – 12,90 eur

Oak Folk is a CD anthology compiled by Gerhard Hallstatt from ALLERSEELEN with exclusive contributions
by numerous European and North American groups who have one thing in common: a close connection
to nature, to trees and woods. All the groups were invited to write a song about the sacred oaktree.
The result is a wonderful compilation with songs with an atmosphere somewhere between Dark Ambient,
Folklore and sometimes even a slight Black Metal touch. The CD comes in a 6-page-digipack edition
with photographs by Gerhard Hallstatt, designed by Haate Kaate who already did stunning artwork
for other Ahnstern groups like Allerseelen and Svarrogh.

Oak Folk is the definite follower of the famous compilation „Wir rufen deine Wölfe“!
Agalloch Allerseelen Arnica Changes Dannagoischd Fräkmündt Hrefnesholt Klammheim Splinterskin Sturmpercht Waldteufel Werra
here You can download/listen to the

FOLK medley
30 sec. mp3-soundsamples of all 12 songs


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