Spheric Music presents:

Schroeder, Robert

PARADISE Edition 2014

(Spheric Music SMCD 2030)

Laufzeit/duration: 62 min


1. In Memory Of Paradise 8:03
2. Moments 5:04
3. Deep Dream 5:00
4. Balance 0:57
5. Future Memories 3:31
6. SkyWalker (Orig.) 4:57
7. Time Machine 8:48
8. Timeless 7:14

Bonus Tracks:
9. SkyWalker (Vers. ’90) 10:59
10. Paradise Epilogue 8:33

Robert Schroeder – Paradise Edition 2014

Re-Release (remastered) on Spheric Music with bonus tracks!

The original album PARADISE was the fifth Schroeder release on the IC label in 1983.
Out of stock for years this album was a rare item until today. At that time Robert was on his most successful phase of his career.
He created an album with the typical synthesizer sound of the 80s which is one of his best releases ever.
On this re-release the tracks from the 80s are presented in brilliant sound quality with 2 great bonus titles.



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