Spheric Music presents:

Schroeder, Robert

Dream Access

(Spheric Music SMCD 2034)

Laufzeit/duration: 58 min


1. Dream Access    5:47
2. SpacePort    8:36
3. Brain Drain    7:36
4. Imagination    4:08
5. Friction Of Time    10:11
6. Solar Streams    8:15
7. Time Axis    6:17
8. Floating In Dreams    6:50

10 years Robert Schroeder on Spheric Music

This year, the German EM artist Robert Schroeder is able to look back to now exactly 10 years of cooperation with the German Electronic label Spheric Music (Lambert Ringlage). With regard to that Robert tells: “After these 10 years I am especially very happy to made the decision to work with Lambert Ringlage in 2005.

Spheric Music is small but perfectly formed. Thank you Lambert.”

So Robert released his new album Dream Access as now the 20th CD on Spheric Music and the 34th solo CD ever.

Here are Lambert’s personal impressions: “I like some titles very much, a true bath in sound and music, beautiful melodies fit to wonderful moods, some experimental, from which melody and sequences emerge again, beautiful tom fills, many atmospheres and lots of reverb. This time Robert has added some extraordinary sounds and exciting elements into his work, which let the beautiful long dream phases come into play wonderfully. A varying and well done album.”

Robert himself appreciates the sequencer work and the exquisite solos on his new CD. Robert: “My aim was: Revive the exploring and developing phase of Electronic Music. I guess by Dream Access I got some more closer to that aim. I like the sound and the atmosphere of EM from the 70s and 80s. But of course I still develop further (just listen to the several CDs).”

Robert Schroeder / DREAM ACCESS



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