Spheric Music – Bertrand Loreau “Let The Light Surround You”

  • Spheric Music presents the new album by Bertrand Loreau – Let The Light Surround You

Spheric Music SMCD 6308
Release Date: January 7th, 2022

EAN-Code: 4260107470281

Style: New Age / Peaceful Electronic

Similar to: Vangelis

The new Bertrand Loreau album has a special spirit. Though some sequences shimmering through, this album puts more weight on sensitivity and melodies. 

After several CDs on different labels, the new CD is now a very personal one, as it is dedicated to Bertrands mother who died some time ago. Bertrand is thinking of her being in a world in which love is like a light that surrounds her.

You can find on this album deep, sad, warm and calm tracks for dreaming, yearning, touching, delicate emotions, and careful listening.

One sequencer track is composed together with Lambert.

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Audio example: https://youtu.be/dsryfIq-ZJ4

1- Journey that never ends (8’18)

1.1- Let the night surround you

1.2- Stairway to the sky

1.3- Let the light surround you

1.4- Presence of love

2- Speak to me (2’23)

3- Breath of life (1’33)

4- By whispering (2’50)

5- Crystal sea (10’01)

6- You and him (2’52)

7- Walking hand in hand (2’05)

8- Bright black (3’24)

9- A sound is born (2’13)

10- Lead you through the dream* (10’51) (with Lambert)

11- Sunrise in a dull day (6’48)

12- Light tears (4’36)

13- Him and you (3’10)

14- A sound is born (remix) (2’13)


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