Spheric Music – Berlin Heritage new CD

Artist: Berlin Heritage                 CD-Title: Land of the Rising Sun
Composer: Robert Sigmuntowski           Label: Spheric Music
Mail Order: Spheric Music  Lambert Ringlage
                     Messings Garten 7  D-45147 Essen Germany
                lambert@sphericmusic.de www.sphericmusic.de
                Distribution: H'Art Musikvertrieb, Marl
EAN-Code:       4260107470557
Catalogue-Number: SMCD 5020             Date of release: 03.02.12
Style: Berlin School Electronic                 Duration:  69:42 Min.

The titles:

1. Long Journey to Different Temples 34:50
2. Spectral Enso 10:00
3. Zen 16:20
4. Flying Cranes in Slow Motion 8:27

For Lovers of the Berlin School Sound!

Berlin Heritage is a new name in the field of electronic music, who is
going back to the roots of the 70s era of electronic music: At that time
Berlin school artists like Klaus Schulze or Tangerine Dream took their
time to develop long compositions.
You can hear mysterious, hypnotic slow motion-like atmospheres that lead
to old-fashioned sequencer patterns that sometimes remind us of the
early work of Bernd Kistenmacher.
The nostalgic mellotron sounds and the deep space sound clouds create
a fascinating bizarr atmosphere.
By the excellent blend of timeless soundscapes and lovely old sequences
you can enjoy the whole album like a smooth and unique Berlin School
Dream and drift away!
Free Audio clips:


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