Spheric Music presents:

Electronic Music for the flight through the universe of fantasies and emotions – that’s the topic of the new 32nd album of the German electronic artist. With deep soundscapes,

pulsing sequencer and groovy rhythms BackSpace beams you up and brings you back to the tension and relaxation of the space music of the 80s.

By his albums of the recent years Robert Schroeder has shown his musical diversity and so he brought music of various types on the silver disc. “It is once again time to

remember the roots of EM in the 70s and 80s”, that’s the idea the German sound wizard came in mind and thus he started to work on the vision of BackSpace. Of course

Robert released a wonderful spacey EM-disc in 2007 with his work SphereWare (Spheric Music SMCD 2016), but BackSpace could even be on top of SphereWare.
The new album again will be a delight for all traditional EM fans.

With a length of over 13 minutes the title track BackSpace is also the longest track of the CD and with its typical “Berliner Schule” style you are right prepared to enjoy

the rest of the silver disc with a duration of over 72 minutes.

Conclusion: BackSpace recalls in a convincing way the great days of the 80s EM. Sequencer, warm analogue synthesizer sounds, catchy melodies and modern ambient sounds. But caution on

closing track “Wake Up” … this piece makes awake. Just enjoy!

Schroeder, Robert


(Spheric Music SMCD 2032)

Laufzeit/duration: 72 min


1. SpaceRace   8:15
2. StarDust   6:27
3. BackSpace   13:16
4. Electron Drive   6:25
5. Floating Lights   8:44
6. Behind The Universe   4:12
7. Dream Reminder   9:15
8. Dark Matter   5:03
9. Waves Of Imagination   5:53
10. Wake Up   4:54

EAN-Code: 4260107470663

im H’Art Musikvertrieb, Marl.

* VÖ Datum/date of release: 24. Oktober  2014     October 24th, 2014

Stil: Electronic Music of the 80s / Chill Out


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