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Alan Fitzpatrick – “This is amazing, simple!”

Joseph Capriati – “Love it! As always, great electronic!”

Dustin Zahn – “A nice retrospective of the chill side of the label!”

Xpansul – “I’m loving this series! You did it again guys!! Thanks!”

Josh Wink – “Another quality release from the mighty diverse SOMA!”

Tim Xavier – “Holy smokes this is great, tonnes of great tunes…thanks!”

Stephan Bodzin – “Just a brilliant compillation! Can’t choose my fav now. Need time…big, big stuff. Thanks!”

Joel Mull – “Legendary compilation. Will be running hot on my stereo – home and in the car!! Thank you for the music.”

SOMA COMA 5 is replete with atmospheric shifts, moody grooves and mind-altering melodies from the likes of The Black Dog, Universal Principles, H-Foundation, Pressure Funk (aka Slam), Gene Farris, Counterplan, and Silicone Soul. Beyond these label stalwarts, we were also very keen to showcase some of our more recent acquisitions, including Vakama, whose brand new track Yemaya rests comfortably amongst superb offerings from Harvey McKay, Decimal, Hatikvah, and Joe Stawarz.

The Black Dog’s brooding and thoughtful Later Vexations begins this latest instalment, taken from their critically acclaimed 2009 release, Further Vexations. Wavering unnervingly between light and dark, there’s the simultaneous sensation of uplifting joy perfectly weighted with sobering clarity – a perfect place for our journey to begin. Cry by recent signing, Joe Stawarz, presents a deep, spacious, string-laden pulse, followed by Hatikvah’s Daedalus; a beautiful, melodious and emotional moment on keys. Decimal’s epic The Lesson of Hope, from last year’s Lost in a Dark Place LP, offers a warm, sumptuous and optimistic refuge from the initial opening obscurity.

A brand new and as-yet unheard cut by Vakama resonates with an imposing power; the slow groove creeps and crawls, engulfed by echoing guitars and deep bass stabs, leading to a mesmerizing crescendo. Truly powerful stuff. Darkest Hour, Pressure Funk’s disturbing interlude leads us onto Jah Future from the seminal Incommunicado by a man who needs little by way of introduction, Alex Smoke.

H-Foundation provides a change of aural sound-scape with the phasing syncopation of Scenario, followed by Gene Farris’, Smoke Session Pause; the perfect chill-out, bass-heavy groove, characteristic of the Gene Farris sound.

The mood is altered once more with Life, Harvey McKay’s album-closer from the astonishing Machine Make Noise. Counterplan’s The Morning After, raises the tempo with a light, minimal groove, followed by Chaser’s, smouldering saxophone-driven, boudoir-beat Sleazy Listening. Kick back and slip into the solid bass groove of Universal Principles’ Don’s Different Ducks, with long-time label legends Silicone Soul to well and truly round off proceedings with 1998’s masterfully deep and subtle track, The Strip.

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