I am now signed with Blowpipe Records in Holland. We are working on songs, not on an album. One by one. Each coming with a music video.

This one is called “Shrek”.

I guess it is some kind of Weird Pop. Very melancholic though. And straight out of a hurting heart. The instrumental version is made purely with 80s Yamaha synthesizers. My producer Logosamphia logosamphia.bandcamp.com didn’t use any computers until the mastering. He played it all in with manually by hand.
The song is actually about the lost loves in my life. All coming back together in the form of one ogre: Shrek. And it is also about lost egos: Masturbating in front of the mirror.
But it is also a song about jealousy amongst fictional Middle Eastern characters like myself: “Fuck you Sinbad. Fuck you Aladdin… Prince of Persia you lied to me…”

Oh yes, a few words about my self. I am 32 years old. I was born in Iran, but had to leave the country during the first Gulf War with Iraq. I grew up in Bochum, Germany. And moved to Amsterdam to study Audiovisual Arts. After that I moved to Berlin to work on my live performances.www.sinakhani.com


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