“Silver Ghost Shimmer” are the sonic duo of legendary producer John Fryer

(Fad Gadget, NiN, HIM, This Mortal Coil, Depeche Mode and many more) with

vocalist extraordinaire Pinky Turzo. They formed the group back in 2013 and

have been busily working away creating a strangely cinematic and hauntingly

mesmerizing album called

“Soft Landing”.

The sound of “Silver Ghost Shimmer” is inspired from the great vocal groups of

the 60s like “The Shangri Las” and the musical approach of a gun swinging, wig

wearing wall of sound producer with a twist of Glamour and Decay to their Sugar

Coated Noise Pop Couture Sound.



Could this be the album of 2015? It may well be. The vocals by Pinky Turzo, resembling many-
acclaimed songstress, are sublime; full of soul and evoke an array of emotions. As for John Fryer

himself, there is a palpable feeling that himself and the Alan Wilders of this world are magic

makers, when it comes to the production and finishing of an album.

Owning this album is a must, satisfaction is fully guaranteed with this one.





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