After first album Planisphère(s)Signal~Bruit is back with “Hyperborēe“.
Drawing inspiration from the journey of Pytheas, a Greek sailor from the 4th century BC
who embarked on an exploration towards the northern seas,
aiming to prove the sphericity of Earth and based on the assumption
that if the Earth was round then, when standing on the top of it,
he should be able to see the sun all day.

The electronic and musical landscape of Hyperborēe follows the path taken by Pytheas,
leaving his home following the hypnotic rolls of the Mediterranean sea,
then in the immensity of the Atlantic ocean, northbound toward the fabled continent of Thule
and his final destination the ice-cold Hyperborean land where night and day merge.

Each track presents a different leg of the journey
and the electronic sounds and atmosphere fit with the perils and geography that Pytheas meets
to create a complex story told in synthetic sounds, analog sequences, micro rythmics
with influences from Berlin School to Intelligent Electronics.

Signal~Bruit – Hyperborēe is the new release of productionB
after Novocibirsk’s Télévision 1945 vol I 

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Hyperborēe is available as 12″LP vinyl, digisleeve CD album and digital download.


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