SIGILLUM S are back from London, where we performed at the BROKEN FLAG 30 YEARS – Never Say When festival @ The Dome: we are extremely happy about this, as (personal opinion) we think this has been the BEST (pos) industrial / noise / experimental event EVER (at least so far…) !


Thank you VERY MUCH to Steve Underwood / HARBINGER SOUND, Peter Johnstone / SECOND LAYER and Gary Mundy / BROKEN FLAG (and Ramleh, Kleistwahr + much more)… plus everyone else who organized, all the other acts and (OF COURSE) the very large and unbelievable audience (including those who travelled from all over Europe, the US and Japan) !!!


THIS WAS AMAZING: you can go here






for a couple of video samples.



Please take notice that we still have a few of the ARMAGEDDON t-shirts we had brought at the event and you can go to


to get them: they are going fast and (as of today) we still have


1 x M

16 x L

4 x XL


Regarding new and recent releases, LAND OF DECAY still has copies of the new THE FORTIETH DAY / SSHE RETINA STIMULANTS / TERENCE HANNUM tape.

You may go to

for more details and ordering, as well as listen to a sample-


Meanwhile, the bleak power of OBAKE ( featuring Eraldo Bernocchi and Lorenzo Esposito Fornasari, together with Balazs Pandi and Trevor Dunn) has completed the European tour and you may go here below for a video sample from the Milano show

OBAKE – COX 18 – Milano – April 27, 2012


RARE NOISE has then announced the release of METALLIC TASTE OF BLOOD, the new project by Eraldo: you can order it here


while you can recent releases from BERNOCCHI / BUDD / GUTHRIE , OBAKE and OWLS here below


More news on releases and live performances soon.


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