> Please be aware that, as from schedule, we have just uploaded on BANDCAMP the DL versions of ORGANIC SKYSCRAPERS & OCCULT WASTELANDS and TERROR AUTO-OBSTETRICS > > http://sigillum-s.bandcamp.com/ > > Both were originally released in June 2008, in occasion of our first show in Chicago, USA. > > > > ORGANIC SKYSCRAPERS & OCCULT WASTELANDS was originally released as 10″ vinyl + 3″ CD by DIOPHANTINE: the physical edition is now SOLD OUT, but please visit > > http://discs.diophantine.net/ > > for a number of extremely good releases by other artists (including SSHE RETINA STIMULANTS). > > > > TERROR AUTO-OBSTETRICS has been released as CD by BLOODLUST!: the 4 tracks EP features remastered versions of original tracks from the ’80s and you should go to > > http://bloodlustcatalog.blogspot.com/ > > for physical purchase, as well as a more excellent releases (including again SSHE RETINA STIMULANTS)!


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