Welcome to the Scape One newsletter spring 2013. The output from the command module has been busy so far this year with different releases in different styles on different formats. Ranging from deep ambient scores to minimal electro-tech. Something for everyone regardless of what planet you are from and a free album from the tactical systems project.
scape one | replay
A collection of all new and unreleased minimal electronics. Cognitive functions that transcend the steel sky with timelike infinity.
tau sagittarii | open cluster
6 tracks of deep ambient electronic music. The travels in deep space continue with an all new transmission recieved from the tau sagittarii command module.
dr. futurist | molecular velocities
Dr. Futurist returns with molecular velocities. These distorted emissions have been safely retrieved from the data banks of the command module. All previously unreleased material from the faster end of the electro spectrum.
tactical systems | mental inertia (free album!!!)
A free album of unreleased live techno-bass from the tactical systems archive.
scape one – migration (ac records) 12” vinyl & ltd yellow vinyl
5 Tracks. With phasing snares harmonise with the drifting synths and metallic rhythms of early Detroit. The arpegiated fusion field is the only defence against the cosmic radiation.
Coming soon. Vinyl EPs for Stem Records, HotMix Records and Electrix Records. Also a special release from a project called Cosmic Music, all will be revealed..
Thanks for the replay
Kurt / Scape One


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