Analogue duo, YOVA have announced that they will share the video for their new single.

An Innocent Man’, the follow up to the recent single ‘You’re The Mirror’ was recorded by the London based via Northern Macedonia YOVA pair of Jova Radevska (vocal / lyrics) and Mark Vernon (music / guitar) together with arrangements by PJ Harvey, Anna Calvi & Marianne Faithfull collaborator, Rob Ellis (musical box, Ondes Martenot, glockenspiel, celeste, piano, string arrangements, backing vocals), Anna Phoebe (violin) and Nick Holland (cello).

Available digitally at all the usual major outlets, ‘An Innocent Man’ Is accompanied by a video by award winning animator Jess Cope, who was part of Tim Burton's animation team for Frankenweenie and has previously worked with Metallica, Steven Wilson, Opeth & Passenger.

Jova Radevska – YOVA

“An Innocent Man” came about so unexpectedly. Not long ago someone had lent me the book ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’. I read it and had no intention of writing a song about it. Once when jamming with Mark, I found myself starting to narrate scenes from the book, completely unplanned, and that was that. With a later refinement of the lyrics, An Innocent Man was born.

Jess Cope – Video Director

“When I was first approached by Mark and Jova I was attracted to the project immediately because of the vocals. Upon listening to ‘An Innocent Man’, I was immediately struck by the sensitivity and innocence in Jova's vocals and the childlike manner in which the song is approached, musically and lyrically. It really drew me in and conjured up imagery pretty much from the first bar. I usually know within 20 seconds of listening to a track whether or not it is something I would like to take on as a music video. There was no question with this one. It was a wonderful project to work on and I am very proud of the final piece”.

After the breezy pop of ‘You’re The Mirror’ and previous single ‘Rain’, ‘An Innocent Man’ represents another string to YOVA’s bow with the song’s childlike innocence set against a backdrop of tragedy depicting a father raising his two children and teaching them lessons about the harsh reality of adulthood and racial inequality.

Mark Vernon -YOVA

It soon became apparent this was a song without need for choruses where the fragility and tension develops line by line from the opening bars of the child’s musical box to Rob’s string arrangements in the tradition of Tom Waits ‘Town With No Chance’, Jacques Brel’s ‘Amsterdam’ and Roxy Music’s ‘In Every Dream Home A Heartache’

Set in the 1930’s the video has already been programmed to be screened at the prestigious U.S Lady Film Makers, Hollywood Screenings and Woodstock Film Festivals over the coming months.

The YOVA duo of Mark Vernon and Jova Radevska began plotting and recording their initial music arrangements with a number of like – minded collaborators just over eighteen months ago. With strong links from his previous work with the likes of PJ Harvey, Gorky's Zygotic Mynci and John Cale, multi instrumentalist Mark Vernon was able to gradually bring in the other musicians to arrange, manipulate and shape shift the band’s mysterious and distinctive cinematic sound to which they use to great effect.

YOVA – Always different. Always the same: Nothing stands still. Not for long.


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