*Klutæ Release First video from Latest album, Electro Punks Unite*

*“Stagnant Water” Available for posting*

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*******CHICAGO****, IL**** (JUNE. 28, 2011) —* Spinning your wheels, walking in circles, these are all terms used to describe a time when life has become dormant. Denmark’s *Klutæ* , turn this inactive state into the basis of his new song, “Stagnant Water”, a synth heavy, guitar driven, Ministryesque composition. The video itself is a science lesson of insects and creatures that live in these infested pools and showcases the transformation of a dragonfly from egg to larvae to nymph to dragonfly. Brooding from the tortured soul of mastermind Claus Larsen, of Leæther Strip fame, “Stagnant Water” is the first video from the highly anticipated Electro Punks Unite (due out July 12th on WTII Records). Watch “Stagnant Water” now at:

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*Electro Punks Unite’s* 17 tracks, is an in your face, amped up adrenaline fuelled, journey through the alter-ego of mastermind Claus Larsen (Leæther Strip). Mixing walls of synthesized guitar noise, with the trademarked EBM bass-lines of Leæther Strip and Claus’ chameleon vocals, Electro Punks Unite continues to push the envelope of electronic music.

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Claus Larsen launched this solo-project in the early 90’s under the name * Klute*, but changed its spelling to *Klutæ* in order to avoid any further confusion with a totally unrelated drum n’ bass project. *Klutæ’s* first releases showcased a rather heavy and turbo-driven guitar-oriented sound which brought him comparisons to metal-industrial acts like Fear Factory, Bile and Swamp Terrorist, yet Claus Larsen has always considered this project as his most eclectic and unpredictable outlet. In fact, *Klutæ*traditionally stands for a more punkish “in ya face attitude” with tongue-in-cheek lyrics and “angst-til-ya-bust” old-school electro arrangements. *Klutæ* is loud and fun, and will musically not deceive the *Leæther Strip *fanbase while keeping its appeal to followers of the Ministry gang for its aggressive attitude.


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