Artist: Vólkova

Title: Trauma and Dreams + Remixes

Format CD Made in Germany. Jewel Case, Clean tray Booklet 4P. 

REMIXES By Sixth June, Yus Yus, Minuit Machine and Dan ( Twice a Man )

Label: Kompuphonik Musik and Tacuara Records.

Artwork: Cesar Canali

Factory: Sabocon Germany.

Tracks: 10 

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Vólkova [ re-releases its third album on Cd format. ] 

After an extensive European tour during the months of August and September 2014 and after having shared the stage with significant artists of the current musical scene such as Sixth June and The Klinik, just to mention some, the Argentinian minimal-wave duo, Vólkova, re-releases its third album in CD format. “Trauma and Dreams” had been previously released in cassette format by Cintas Triangulares label in July 2014 and had been critically acclaimed worldwide as the best work of the band. This is an album that lays out a game of contrasts, which are reflected on six compositions of highly emotional content and sound experimentation. 

Besides offering a new format for the audience, this release includes remixes by bands such as Sixth June, Yus Yus, Minuit Machine and Dan Söderqvist from TWICE A MAN. This production has been the joint work of the following labels: Kompuphonik Musik (DE) and Tacuara Records Argentina. 


Musik: César Canali 
Voice: Paula Lazzarino and César Canali 
Production: Vólkova 
Recorded and mix at Tacuara Homeless Studio Argentina. 
Mastering Pablo Zumarraga 
Front Photos Rui Luz Digital Artwork 

Tacuara Records

Cesar Canali General Director
Headquarters: Str Gaona 2353 P-6 D-1
Ramos Mejia Prov Bs As Cp1704

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