Argentinian minimal-synth band Vólkova release new album on tape. The Album is call ” Trauma and Dreams ” and announce an Euro Tour for August-September.


Vólkova presents their  third album in less than one year, musically restless artists focus their work in the recording studio. After their second album on vinyl “Silent Howl,” recently published by the German label Kompuphonik Musik, bring us their third EP consisting of 6 tracks, this time released on cassette format. The edition is in charge of the Peruvian label Cintas Triangulares.


This new album is called “Trauma and Dreams” and has two different facets of the band, you can hear on side A warmly melancholic, without losing the dark melodies and Paula Lazzarino’s sensual voice, which are mixed with dreamy harmonies. Side B, shows the other side of the band, the final 3 tracks are sung by Cesar Canali, and shows more experimental, cold and clear echoes of post industrial music melodies.




Videoclip: Vólkova – Trauma and Dreams


In the meantime the band already announced the new European tour, starting in August 2014 with the German band Xotox.


Trauma and dreams euro tour 2014


29.08. Riga, Latvia // Industrial Muzik Festival “Nightshift IV (XOTOX. VOLKOVA, HEZZEL, THINNER…)


30.08. Stockholm, Sweden // INDUSTRISEMESTER || (THE KLINIK, VOLKOVA)


06.09. Brussels, Belgium // MAD.ABOUT.MUSIC (VOLKOVA)


11.09. Berlín, Germany // DEATH # DISCO (SIXTH JUNE, VOLKOVA, TIERS)


12.09. Milan, Italy // Milano (VOLKOVA)


 .more dates soon 









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