Out now on Other Voices Records are two digital singles + new cassette release


Your Own Private Underworld


1. Your Own Private Underworld
2. You've Been A Seeker For Long Enough

Listen and Purchase: http://othervoicesrecords.bandcamp.com/album/vox-16-dd-your-own-private-underworld

Soft Riot is a London based act consisting of one JJD (Jack Duckworth); a former Vancouverite who has clocked in around fifteen years of musical output in various bands, starting off in the mid-nineties in North America's vibrant art-punk/hardcore underground through to the revival of synth-based post-punk music just over a decade or so ago.

Soft Riot is where those paths and experiences meet in the here and now. Drawing inspiration from synthesizer-based film soundtracks of yesteryear, drones, early EBM, minimal wave, a bit of synthpop and a heavy dose of throbbing appregiated rhythms, Soft Riot is a science-fiction heavy sound that narrates the listener through today's fractured post-modern world with hints of black humour.

Title track is taken from the forthcoming Soft Riot album "Fiction Prediction" while You've Been A Seeker For Long Enough is exclusive for this releaseIn their music.

Mastered by Martin Bowes (Attrition), 2013 




1. Caresse
2. Glory Of Romance

Listen and Purchase:  http://othervoicesrecords.bandcamp.com/album/vox-18-dd-caresse-glory-of-romance

Pop Noir newcomers from Budapest, Hungary. Nouvelle Phénomène flirting with cold 80s sounds taking their inspiration in new romantic, early synth-pop music and today's minimal synth scene. Their well-calculated arsenal – catchy melodies and sensual female vocals, often sing in French. Don't miss them!
This 2 track single is an appetizer to the forthcoming Nouvelle Phénomène full-length Glory Of Romance album. Will be available as limited edition vinyl (x200) and CD with bonus tracks (x400) later this year via Other Voices Records.



Fright Treasures 



A New Life is a new minimal synth wave project founded by Maurizio Pustianaz  well-known by his works for Chain DLK Magazine. 

Project was born in 2011 because of a personal need to approach things in a fresh way.
Musically, A New Life, is influenced by early The Human League and Soft Cell: the melody meets the richness of synths oscillators. With a sound deep rooted into the 80s, Maurizio, is trying his best to personalize those influences creating songs that work on a universal key: feelings. Using a bit of analog dirtiness and warmth, A New Life want to gather cool sounds with catchy melodies.

The new tape "Fright Treasures" contains eight tracks recorded during the last year and half. It talks about the discovery of our personal treasures, the ones you find digging into your soul. What's the "frightening" factor? Well, while you discover yourself you find also things you should fix, you face your dark side… something you have to deal with.

Is that scary enough?

Listen: https://soundcloud.com/other-voices-records/a-new-life-split-in-two

Side One:
1. Split In Two
2. New Beginnings
3. Sentimental
4. Another Story

Side two:
1. Experiment In Fear
2. Keep On Losing
3. Divide Et Impera
4. Time To Go

Release Notes:
– MC limited edition 50 copies

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