Following on from the audio visual splendour of the Spaciousness 2 compilation, Lo Recordings release another epic new age/deep listening/ambient excursion in the form of New Maps of Inner Space 1-3, a stunning 3 cassette set that is packed with spacious sound and housed in another eye popping design from the Non Format design team.

All about the long form, this is a chance to escape into an ocean of sound that is remarkable for its depth and scope.

Voice of Space:

Volume One is a voyage into the far distant reaches of space that brings together the twin talents of Mark O Pilkington from Teleplasmiste and Jon Tye of Seahawks / Ocean Moon. ‘A deep sonic voyage through spheres unknown’.

Track Listing:

A. Voyage One

B. Voyage Two

“During flight we seemed to penetrate many dimensions of abstract space. There was no static. No interference. Then something happened. It was like a gentle explosion of gorgeous colours accompanied by an experience akin to an orgasm of spirit and matter. There was no time after that. No space in the usual connotation of space. All was consciousness. Absolute consciousness”. – My Flight to Venus, Dana Howard, 1954.


Journey In Onarimon:

Volume Two finds California’s audio alchemist Hatchback in deep communion with Lo guru and space explorer Ocean Moon. The result is deep, silky, sensuous and immersive.

Track Listing:

Side A: Journey In Onarimon One

Side B: Journey In Onarimon Two

Recorded in California and Cornwall, Journey In Onarimon is testament to the shared values of producers Sam Grawe and Jon Tye. Both are long time advocates of the healing power of New Age music and this album encapsulates all that is most resonant and wondrous of that much maligned genre.


Invisible Music:

Volume Three shows Pop Levi, better known for his taut psychedelic pop, here in a more reflective mood. The four long tracks are actually edits of even longer tracks that were recorded on his Island home in Greece. Expansive and remarkable for their glistening life affirming resonance.

Track Listing:

Side A: Feet of the Goddess / Invisible Playground

Side B: The All-Loving Touch Machine / Interskin Exquisite

Taking inspiration from Greek ambient masters Vangelis Katsoulis and Akis, the collected soundscapes here are expansive atmospheric pieces created using vintage analogue and early digital synthesizers together with layers of vocals.

All in all New Maps of Inner Space proves that the best way to travel right now, is inwards…


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