*Enrico Tiberi (Brain, Resurrecturis, Tapewhore – ex-Edenshade, Andrea Chiarini) gives life to his new project THE SHELL COLLECTOR.

“Since January 2011, I started writing the material for this project of mine The Shell Collector. Despite the other projects which see me involved, in this album, I have written, produced, arranged and played each instrument, in my studio, except drums, on which made a performance over the top Alessandro Vagnoni of Infernal Poetry, with whom I’m working on the new band Tapewhore, also. * *The album will be ready in the earlier months of 2012, you may already follow our work in the studio online.* *Follow our steps here:* * * *www.facebook.com/theshellcollector* *www.soundcloud.com/theshellcollector* *http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7X7NBRBTBhY”*


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