The RaZor Skyline Album: “Dark Water Oasis” (COP International) Release: 14.08.2012

It’s been nine years since The RaZor Skyline conquered our ears with their seductive album “The Bitter Well”. With their new album “Dark Water Oasis”, The RaZor Skyline bring together an uneasy alliance of goth, industrial, new wave, metal and tribal belly dance to create a dark, danceable soundtrack for the 21st century. Electronic beats mesh with tribal drums. Layers of synths swirl and pulsate, punctuated by bursts of heavy guitars. On top of this dramatic framework, Miska Kazda’s powerful vocals recount the stories that define our turbulent times and the emotions they churn up from the depths of our hearts. The RaZor Skyline build on top of the musical foundation they’ve laid over the last 3 albums and push the songs to new polished heights under the guidance of Jon Klein, guitarist, producer and song writer with the legendary bands Specimen and Siouxsie and the Banshees. “Dark Water Oasis” is an allegory of the desperate times we live in, the hope of redemption in the desert we ourselves have created only to discover that the well is poisoned.


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