This week: Hello folks! This week one of the best newcomers in memory is added to our website for exclusive worldwide pre-ordering: DEAD WHEN I FOUND HER has been the talk of forums (including Dependent) for months now, and the final album is nothing short of a masterpiece. Possibly the only true industrial release of the year! Check out more at the official website, . SAM returns with another album that should please fans of their hard-edged take on dance-EBM. Fans of Combichrist and Agonoize take note! This new SAM album will blow you away! One of the noisiest EBM projects to surface in recent years is the X-RX, and the demand we’ve had for their albums is nothing short of amazing. Update 3.0, the third X-RX release, will not disappoint. We are happy to announce that we will be stocking new releases from Old Europa Cafe starting this July. The legendary noise-experimental label has a bunch of great CDs on offer to start the summer, including albums from Merzbow, Nordvargr, John Zewizz aka Sleep Chamber, Luftwaffe, and more! Check out our selection and introductory pricing below! Scanner gives us the new album from Das Praeparat. Metropolis Records has picked up Noblesse Oblige for American release. Fans of the more creative side of theatrical gothic will love this album. Soleilmoon re-releases some early gems, including the 5CD Alice in Wonderland boxset from Randy Greif. Priced like a 2CD set, you won’t find a better 5CD deal than right here! Muslimgauze also sees a re-release of their Iran album. Merciful Nuns (ex-Garden of Delight) is back with a new release including a previously unavailable bonus track. French label Boredom Product gives us releases from Neutral Lies and the always incredible Celluloide. Thanks for checking us out!!

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Dead When I Found Her is the studio project of Portland, Oregon’s Michael Arthur Holloway, a professional electronic musician and producer who sites Skinny Puppy, Haujobb, Mentallo & the Fixer, Forma Tadre, Doubting Thomas, amongst other pioneering industrial aritsts as influences. Tracks from the debut album Harm’s Way have been the talk of music forums since they started to appear on Myspace and Soundcloud in 2009, and the attention the project has received is nothing short of impressive. The project soon found a home on Artoffact Records, and 12 tracks were selected for the debut release. Dead When I Found Her re-creates classic late-80’s/early-90’s industrial without sounding cliched, adding a modernized sonic signature to a dark and brooding foundation. Harm’s Way is the perfect album for dark music lovers. Released on Artoffact Records and available July 13th, 2010.

1. Curtains
2. Painkiller Suite
3. Fixer Fixed
4. Second Sight
5. Phantoms
6. Fortune’s Few
7. The Proof
8. Lost House
9. Stitches
10. Subject Reject
11. Useless Children
12. Taking Shelter

SAM are back! With their new album SAM set the bar higher and promise with “Brainwasher” that the dark clubs all over the world will quake again. Facts Founded by the highly explosive duo Joel Meyer and Daniel Meyer, the industrial-project “SAM” released their first output “Demo Lition” in 2004. Directly afterwards they got signed by ProNoize, one of the most popular labels for industrial music. In 2006 ProNoize released SAM’s debut album “Synthetic Adrenaline Music”, including the clubhit “24 Stunden”, which promptly entered the German Alternative Charts (DAC) as well as several other German and international charts. Motivated by this achievement SAM started working on their second disc “Destruction Unit” in 2008, which should be harder than ever. That certainly worked out and the success proves them right. Meanwhile they established their reputation as an excellent live-act. Their uncompromising and powerfull live performance provided them many shows both in Germany and abroad. In addition they supported giants of the electro scene like Combichrist, Agonoize or :SITD:], and also played on known festivals like the Wave Gotik Treffen. No doubt, SAM have become an industrial-/electro-reference, that shouldn’t be missing in any DJ case or at any ride with over 130 MPH on the freeway. In 2010, the long awaited third album “Brainwasher” will be released as a limited digipack. It contains 13 mindblowing tracks including the hit-single “Bull Fucking Shit”. The sound has noticeable developed and progressed. Now it rolls unstoppable like a steamroller, crushing everything on it’s way. Groovy basslines, screaming synths, intelligent sampling and bloodcurling drumbeats have been and always will be the trademark of SAM. SAM – TWO RULE THEM ALL! Released on ProNoize and available July 7th, 2010.

01 – Warning
02 – Halluzinogen
03 – Bull Fucking Shit
04 – Starting the Madness
05 – Mad as Hell
06 – Murder Inc.
07 – Name and Number
08 – Psychic Driving
09 – Corporate Violate
10 – Interoception
11 – S-R
12 – Mindfuck

We are back! Protect your ears! The Industrial-Rave Gods from Cologne are back. [x]-RX has been founded in 2006 by Pascal ‘CyRex’ Beniesch. The debut album «Unmöglich erregend» contained clubhits like «Feel the fuckin’ bass» or «Die Sexualkiste der Hölle» that caused the Industrial-Rave-Revolution. The second album «Stage 2» came in 2009 – packed with clubtracks like «Tanz Schlampe» or «Stage 2» that kept the audience partying. 2010 the third longplayer is about to be released, titled «Update 3.0» Thirteen new dancefloor smasher will make your speakers burn and tear down your favourite club. «Push It» contains vocals by [x]-RX for the very first time and will make you join in the chant. Following tradition and habit, the preacher is in on it, too. And last but not least, first time ever, remixes of [x]-RX songs have been created by artists like Soman, SAM, Phosgore or Chainreactor. Be prepared for the next level – this is Update 3.0. Released on ProNoize and available july 9th, 2010.

01. The update
02. Drums Bass Drugz and Noize
03. Das ewige Leben
04. The doll underground
05. Panikattacke
06. Push it !
07. Bass and percussion
08. Electric man
09. Kra
10. Mechanics
11. This is Rock ‘n’ Roll
12. Virus Infect
13. Der Prediger
14. The doll underground (sam rmx)
15. Electric Man (quagmired by Phosgore)
16. Bass and Percussion ( Add distortion rmx by Chainreactor )
17. The update (soman rmx)
18. The update (cyrex’s noise mix)


A dark comedy or a folk drama about drunk birds, mocking spiders, empty bottles and lost souls, starring David E. Williams, Lloyd James (NAEVUS), SONNE HAGAL, Future Whirl (OBERON!), DIE WEISSE ROSE! For this decadent party, recorded between late 2008 to early 2010 and graced by great emotional neo folk ballads and more experimental gloomy soundscapes, Albireon invited some very selected guests to share this tasty blueberries’ cake and offer the album a different palette of vocal nuances and a multinational coven of damned artists’ parade. American songwriter-genious David E. Williams, UK’s finest minstrel Lloyd James of Naevus, German neo folk leading act Sonne Hagal, Norwegian/ American highly talented artist Future Whirl (formerly Oberon) and the new martial heroes Die Weisse Rose are the selected guests of Mr. Nightbird’s party. These great artists offered a priceless contribution to Albireon’s music and lyrics, and perfectly painted the sad main character, in his struggling pilgrimage toward love, loss, forgiveness and rebirth, but all seen through the drunk eye of the mocking spiders. And after all, you now may be guessing why Mr.Nightbird hates blueberries? Listen to the album and find out why! Released on Old Europa Cafe and available July 9th, 2010.

After 2 vinyl-only releases, finally a new CD by the master of Japan-Noise on OEC! ‘Marmo’ means Marble in Italian and is devoted to the Italian and particularly the Venetian marble. Masami aka Merzbow was visiting and playing in this magic Italian city several times and was impressed by all the marbles used in the Venetian buildings and paintings… The 3 tracks composing this represent a real psychadelic tribute by the master of noise to Venice and Italy. Enter this new “Merzcolored-Merzbotanic-Merzpsychomuzak” full of scratching rythms and psychoactive noises and let your brain explode. Special folder cover with marbled paper effect and golden lettering. Released on Old Europa Cafe and available July 9th, 2010.

John Zewizz is the founding member of SLEEP CHAMBER!!
JOHN ZEWITZ releases his first solo album, stepping out of the legendary SLEEP CHAMBER shadows after almost 30 years of musical activity! Through the eras ov Se*magick, Fetish, Electronic Goth, The Barbitchuettes, Women Of The SS, and at least 6 other incarnations of his very own, inimitable and unique esoteric styles in musick! The album starts with the title-track, a dance kick poly rhythm styled piece, abstractly questioning if 2012 will be the end of daze. The following tracks move between fetish fun-house pieces, exotic stereo electronics, whispered fetish commands on electro foundations as well known from Sleep Chamber. ‘Spy vs Spy’ is a trip in a dim-ensional layer of dark and eerie rhythms while ‘Hells Angels’ is a polyrhythm driven track with heavy beat kick and Harley’s racing throughout! The album closes with a 12 mins+ dance remix of the title track 2012. Welcome back John! Released on Old Europa Cafe and available July 9th, 2010.

The eagerly awaited new full-length album by this American Martial- and Neofolk duet, features 55 minutes of oratorical demagoguery. 16 new tracks, including collaborations by/with Richard Leviathan (Ostara/Strength Through Joy), Awen, Valence and Gnomonclast. Features an original cover-art painting by the internationally renowned N.Y.-based artist Richard Phillips. Luftwaffe again offer an uncompromising marriage of Martial Industrial, Acoustic Folk and Sophistcated Nihilism and continue to forge new awakenings within the Post Industrial genre! “The overriding voice. The word bespoke is power. And these words shall be the last. And that voice is ours. Thou shalt perish. Ere I perish.” Released on Old Europa Cafe and available July 9th, 2010.

Special limited numbered edition of 300 copies!! What began as a mutual correspondence turned into immediate respect and eventually a sickness and obsession that resulted in this album. The two artists, Nordvargr whom hails from the depths of Sweden’s wintered wastelands and Surachai from the frozen concrete jungles of Chicago, explored new sonic territory and claimed it as their own. Their shared knowledge of process and inspiration gave way to a smothering environment populated by long shadows and empty cities. While others sleep and hibernate, the one’s haunting dreams weave on the sunless winter days. Released on Old Europa Cafe and available July 9th, 2010.

Debut release by this US project, composed by Luftwaffe and Valence. A virulent 60 mins. exposition on the subject of time’s censure. ‘Tempus Null’ consists of 20 tracks, incl. an amazing cover-version of Death In June’s ‘Rose Clouds of Holocaust’, and also features collaborations with ARt ABSCONs and State Research Bureau. “Time that ends will not begin again.” This project surprises with its intriguing and unique sound! Released on Old Europa Cafe and available July 9th, 2010.


The project «Das Präparat» has been given birth by Dr Hyde in 2001. The album «THX LD50» proved their will of independent development departing from their beginning with Welle:Erdball. The new album «Unschuldsblick» – due to be released on July 2nd – impressively demonstrates the maturation of the project by finding its own distinct style. They stick to the combination of electro and classic piano themes but added further elements of cabaret and jazz to a new, Präparat-like style. With «Unschuldsblicke» Das Präparat delivers a very multi-faceted record. Containing lyrics about pedophilia and fears the album is dedicated to the sorrows of childhood. Furthermore it is intended to critize the social misbalance of our time. Men ought to be provoked to rethink. The protagonist skillfully manage to be shortlasting and open-minded. Besides the previously known mixtures of various music styles, special attention was directed towards recording quality and diversity of sound. As cream-top to the extraordinary remix of «Mondscheinkind» with hard-rocking guitar riffs, pieces like «Du störst» break away from stylistic limitations of acoustic guitars. Das Präparat know how to reinvent themselves repeatedly on musical as well as visual aspects. Thus, the audience will be led to ecstasy again during their next live-concerts. Released on Scanner and available July 9th, 2010

01. Komm und Spiel mit uns
02. Fetus in Fetu
03. Mondscheinkind
04. Emily
05. Onkel
06. Hysterie
07. Sucht
08. Unschuldsblicke
09. Folge mir
10. Allein
11. Du störst
12. Lilith
13. Schließ die Augen
14. Mondscheinkind (WELLENCOCKTAIL-Remix)
15. Folge mir(ins weiße Licht – Mix)
16. Spielzeugland

Noblesse Oblige was formed in London, 2004 by French actress/singer/songwriter Valerie Renay and German musician/producer Sebastian Lee Philipp. Their debut album Privilege Entails Responsibility is considered one of the classics of the Independent Electro underground scene. After moving to Berlin in 2007, the band released their second album In Exile to much critical acclaim. For 2010, Noblesse Oblige releases its third album Malady, an occult concept album that cites the visual mysticism of Kenneth Anger, Aleister Crowley’s storytelling, and the morbid melancholy of Christina Rossetti’s poetry. The album was initiated by the bands’ involvement in Robert Pacitti’s 2009 London Spill Festival Tarot Deck project, for which Noblesse Oblige (in collaboration with photographer Manuel Vason) were asked to visualize their own interpretation of The Lovers Major Arcana card. Malady blends world music sounds, pop kitsch and new wave theatricality to create a unique musical landscape. Released on Metropolis and available August 10, 2010.

01. Morning Docks
02. The Great Electrifier
03. Beck And Call
04. Equinox
05. Moonchild
06. Tropical Fever
07. Lady With The Kazoo
08. Cracks On The Wall
09. When Thunder Breaks Up Under
10. Zanzibar
11. Sambo
12. May They Come With Spears And Knives

5xCD set in tall DVD packaging, with 8 page booklet and 5 trading cards!!

“Alice In Wonderland”, by Los Angeles, California composer and musician Randy Greif, is a gripping and imaginative telling of Lewis Carroll’s classic story. Using electronics and altered acoustic sounds, along with more traditional instruments, Greif creates a dark and beguiling atmosphere that captures the listener’s imagination. The spoken text is deconstructed into indecipherable phonemes, or laid into rhythmic, musical structures roughly approximating songs. At times, the sonic backdrop is used in a cinematic style behind electronically manipulated voices. Running about six hours, the work was created to move within the real-time cycles of a psychedelic experience. Although the original story has many layers of meaning, Greif intends this interpretation to include some that may be beyond the scope of the original, such as a little girl’s shift from childhood to adolescence, and our species’ evolution into technological beings. This is not your father’s audiobook. Unless your father was Timothy Leary. The CDs are presented in tall DVD case, with and 8 page color booklet. Most interesting to collectors are the “Alice in Wonderland” trading cards published in conjunction with the release. Sixty different cards have been created, each one corresponding to one of the sixty tracks on the CDs. The image on each card evolves from the last, like the frames of an animated film. The cards have each been printed in different edition sizes so that only 410 complete sets are possible. Five cards are included with each CD box set, but the cards are also sold in packs of 10, in the tradition of collectible trading cards. Randy Greif has released nearly two dozen CDs, LPs and cassettes of electronic soundscapes under his own name, as Shadowbug 4, and with the group Static Effect. He has collaborated on projects with Robin Storey (Rapoon), Nigel Ayers (Nocturnal Emissions), Dan Burke (Illusion Of Safety), R. Kitch (I.A.M. Umbrella / Stylus / His Masters Voice), Anna Homler, Kenji Siratori, Brad Cooper and Atom Smith. In recent years he has moved into film production. 2003 saw the DVD release of “Paraliminal”, a collection of three short pieces, and in 2006 he directed, “The Three Trials”, a surreal film about a nun who finds herself in a number of distressful situations before being rescued by a monster who later transforms into human form (and satisfies her in every way possible). Released on Soleilmoon and available July 12th, 2010.

“Iran” was the first Muslimgauze recording to be released on CD, and therefore occupies a special place in the hearts of Muslimgauze fans. The year was 1988, and Dutch label Staalplaat had recently been introduced to the music of Muslimgauze through their association with Soleilmoon. At the time, Staalplaat was known for their attractively presented cassette releases. “Iran” was their first CD release, and signaled the start of the label’s transition away from the cassette format. Soleilmoon reissued “Iran” in America in 1993 after Staalplaat relinquished their rights to the material, although by then more than half a dozen Muslimgauze CDs had been issued by Staalplaat, Soleilmoon and other labels. “Iran” was available for another five years, until 1998, when it went out of print. The Muslimgauze catalog is profoundly deep, with 200 or more releases, depending on how you count them. Ever the one to love his latest compositions above all others, Bryn Jones, the man behind Muslimgauze, pushed his record labels to issue new product and let older titles go out of print, which for the most part that made sense. After all, fans want the newest album, so why keep something old in print? But with the passing of time, the question has been answered: History is relevant, and the old recordings are still important. Thus it is with particularly great happiness and pride that we bring back the first ever Muslimgauze CD. For this reissue the CD packaging has been completely redesigned. The original print films were converted into digital files so that the photographs could be reused, but the essay “Breien Met Mist / Zonder Handleiding” (Knitting With Fog / Without Manual) written in Dutch by Andrew McKenzie of The Hafler Trio, was deleted, allowing us to put full emphasis on the presentation of the images. The new package is printed entirely on high quality heavyweight papers, and is a work of art in its own right, rivaling the music recorded on the CD it’s designed to hold. A sturdy slipcover pocket holds a black-and-white four-page booklet together with a CD slipcase made with scented, metallic gold paper. It is truly an art object to cherish and treasure. Released on Soleilmoon and available July 12th, 2010.

Artaud Seth – Ex head of DION FORTUNE RECORDS and founder of bands like THE MERRY THOUGHTS, DIARY OF DREAMS and GARDEN OF DELIGHT is back – triumphant! For Artaud Seth, the final stop of legendary GARDEN OF DELIGHT didn’t mean the end of his career. Three years after the last regular Garden Of Delight album Seth is back with a new album called “LIB.1″ out on the Solar Lodge label. The album was released already on March 31st for the first time, but exclusively available from the label directly and through few, very selected Mailorders. This new, 2nd edition (in regular Jewel Box) comes with an exclusive, previously unavailable BONUS-TRACK to the original 1st (sold out) edition. ‘LIB.1’ is a revisiting of the sound of the eighties and early nineties. Pure, retro Goth!” as the band calls it. They didn`t have the intension to do something completely new. They didn’t reveal another future sound. You like the Sisters, you`ll love the Nuns. Simple, ironical, dark. Just tunes of a long forgotten time of very intense music! Enjoy the Nunhood. Released on Solar Lodge and available July 9th, 2010.

01 The Equinox
02 Funeral Train
03 Someday
04 Tower Of Faith
05 Nunhood
06 Temple Of Hadit
07 The Darkness
08 God Aeon
09 Liber Al Vel Legis (bonus)

Hailing from Lille close to Belgium and its electronical influence, Neutral Lies deliver a blend pop melodies à la Camouflage and minimal electronics à là Absolute Body Control. But the band is far from imitating the past, and does not limit to good old references but also injects some techno influences in their sound – especially and unexpectedly in their more mid-tempo tracks. The quality of both songwriters and vocalists of the duo, make their debut album “A Deceptive Calm” a unique piece to discover, and make you dive slowly into it with each listening. Not an attempt to make dancefloor hit killers, but a whole and consistent album of 11 well-written melancholic electronic songs. Another great discovery for this small but high quality label! Released on Boredom Product and available July 9th, 2010.

01 (In Your) Neutral Eyes
02 Commuters
03 S.X. Girls
04 Introspection
05 Between Glasses and Reward
06 Laugh at first Sight
07 Rose in the Coffin
08 Waking up on a Battle Field
09 Le Fou d’Echec
10 Nostalgia
11 Slough of Despond

Released in June 2002, this album was not only the debut by this gifted French act, but also the first ever release on the Boredom label! The album has been unavailable since October 2006 and by big demand it is now being re-released in a new, completely remastered ‘2010’ edition. The band got later licensed by MAJOR Records (Nitzer Ebb, IAMX, Ladytron, Boytronic, Mesh…) for the German territory and has become THE most popular French electropop act. >From the original listing 2002: Celluloide’s debut album features twelve pure synthpop songs with delicate female vocals, great analogue-friendly synthpop sound, good melodies and fun songs. Fans of bands like Avant Garde, Freezepop, Equatronic or old-time pioneers like OMD or Kraftwerk will LOVE and enjoy Celluloide. After three self-produced 5-track mcds, this is their first official album – somewhere between the early Depeche Mode and And One. Catchy melodies with gifted vocals create a quite melancholic atmosphere that also reminds in parts of some tracks by Visage. Definitely standing out from the flood of Synthpop releases these days! Released on Boredom Product and available July 9th, 2010.

***** new from ARTOFFACT RECORDS!


Artoffact Records presents the first new Absurd Minds CD in five years featuring 13 addictive tracks of emotional diversity and memorable compositions. Having released five studio albums and several EPs to wide acclaim, Absurd Minds return this Spring with the new album Serve Or Suffer. For over a decade, Dresden, Germany-based trio Absurd Minds have been making EBM and synthpop music that has engaged listeners and impressed DJs. The band has collaborated with some of the scene’s most important artists and has been tapped to do remixes for The Cruxshadows, SITD, Lights of Euphoria , and many others. Ten years after the first release, Absurd Minds has not lost any of their energy or independence. Serve or Suffer surprises and will go down as classic industrial for the 21st century.

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Online NOW: Ascii.Disko Fansets, CD, T-shirts, Posters, and more!!

Stay Gold Forever Gold is the name of the third CD from German-Spanish electro-house outfit Ascii.Disko. The album features the blazing new single Jawbreaker as well as mastering by Codec of Codec & Flexor fame. Ascii.Disko has been an important figure in house, synthpop, and EBM circles since L’Age D’Or released the debut Einfach EP in 2002. Along the way, Ascii.Disko has collaborated with the likes of The Presets, Punx Soundcheck, Kloq, Mini, and many others. With two full-lengths under their belt and nearly 20 12″ releases, Ascii.Disko is in high demand as a DJ and performer the world over. Stay Gold Forever Gold cements Ascii.Disko’s status as one of the highest energy electronic acts featuring 12 tracks of non-stop dancefloor shakers and nearly 80 minutes of music!

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AOF085 – Haggard – Awaking the Centuries – CD
AOF086 – Haggard – Eppur Si Muove – CD
AOF087 – Omega Lithium – Dreams In Formaline – CD
AOF088 – Dead When I Found Her – Harm’s Way – CD
AOF089 – Various – Kinetik Festival Volume 3 – 3CD
AOF090 – Ascii.Disko – Stay Gold Forever Gold – CD
AOF091 – Absurd Minds – Serve Or Suffer – CD
AOF092 – Memmaker – How To Enlist In A Robot Uprising: Deluxe Edition – 2CD
AOF093 – Memmaker – How To Remix A Robot Uprising – DD
AOF094 – Mona Mur & En Esch – 120 Tage – CD
AOF095 – Jesus on Extasy – Holy Beauty + Bonus – CD
AOF096 – Jesus on Extasy – Beloved Enemy + Bonus – CD
AOF097 – Psyche – Remembering Dwayne – CD

AOF068 – Massiv in Mensch – Hands on Massiv: The Remixes – DD
AOF069 – Kobold – Blowback – DD
AOF070 – Xandria – Ravenheart [Bonus Tracks] – CD
AOF071 – Interlace – Nemesis – CD
AOF072 – Various – Kinetik Festival Volume 2 – DCD
AOF073 – S.V.D – No Ordinary Man – DD
AOF074 – Haujobb – Homes & Gardens 2.0 Special Edition – DCD
AOF075 – Urceus Exit – The Worst That We’ve Become – DD
AOF076 – Urceus Exit – Compensation For the Sound of Silence – DCD
AOF077 – Haggard – Tales Of Ithiria – CD
AOF078 – Xandria – India – CD
AOF079 – Xandria – Kill the Sun – CD
AOF080 – v01d – Weakener (EP featuring Ayria) – DD
AOF081 – v01d – This Is Not A False Alarm Anymore – DCD
AOF082 – v01d – Burnt Upon Re-Entry – DD
AOF083 – Individual Totem – Mumia Vera – DCD
AOF084 – Individual Totem – Collectotem – DD

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