This week: Hello! This week we have a LOAD of new CDs to tempt you with, starting off with one of the best (maybe THE best??) Canadian artists we have had the pleasure to listen to in years. FAMINE. Famine is no newcomer for people in the know: he’s already remixed Displacer, Headscan, Re_Agent, and done production work for several artists including DYM, Fractured, and others. Now, Tympanik Audio launches a new Famine CD release: Nature’s Twin Tendencies. Get this album, it’s seriously, seriously amazing. Next up: COVENANT. The long-awaited new album comes hot off the presses in January as a 2CD limited edition in a slick digipak. It’s going to be good, damn good, so pre-order it now! DAS ICH’s full back-catalogue courtesy Danse Macabre is coming to Storming the Base. Classic albums Staub and Die Propheten, as well as the great collection Relikt and others are now up and available for ordering! Get a GREAT deal on Gothic and Extreme compilations: 2CD / 3CD / and 4CD PACKS are all around twenty bucks!! Check out the deal-links below. Concise feat. Flaque releases a superb album of electropop in the New Year. Tympanik launches new releases from C.H. District, Autoclav1.1, and Tapage! A new Gothic Compilation (#49) is out soon. Projekt releases a new album from Steve Roach. And more T-shirts are now available at our ever-growing clothing shop! Thanks for listening (and wearing) GREAT music!!

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Tympanik Audio is proud to present the long-awaited return of Toronto’s one and only Famine. ‘Nature’s Twin Tendencies‘ opens a new volume in the Famine chronicles offering an aural cauldron of styles ranging from melody-laced Breakcore and glitchy Metal riffs to beat-rich Electronica and melancholy IDM. A sick sonic stew indeed, Famine projects a stimulating, crafty, and addictive concoction of sounds that lock in staying power and offer no compromises whatsoever.

Distinctive, turbulent, and unwavering, each chapter of ‘Nature’s Twin Tendencies‘ offers a diverse new tale full of compelling elements that will seize your senses and grasp your attention at every twist and turn. With stern attention to rhythm and melody, Famine injects powerful glitch-soaked beats, intense rhythmic chaos, and futuristic melodic playfulness into each of his new works. Fully alive and utterly provoking, ‘Nature’s Twin Tendencies‘ will set fire to your imagination and leave you yearning for more. Released on Tympanik and available December 3rd, 2010.

01. Mercury (What Lies Behind The Curtain)
02. Powerspender
03. Sig/Int
04. Utarid
05. Remorseless
06. Dread Father
07. Blasphemous Reverence
08. Realign (The Conjuration of Perfect Nature)
09. Dantalion
10. Material Things
11. Weak
12. Nature’s Twin Tendencies
13. Everyone Is Happy

“Modern Ruin” is the latest chapter of Covenant’s epic adventure in time and space. Ever a band that has consistently made references to being in motion, physical and mental travel, exploration of the hidden and the unknown. And again they have wondrous tales to tell us. Imagine a broken escalator coming up through the underbrush of a forest, stretching towards the treetops, no second floor left to receive its long- gone passengers. In the background, among the trees, you can make out the steel skeleton of what was once a great building, perhaps the transit hall of an airport. Once this was a busy hub filled with people going places. Now Mother Nature is recycling the remains, in her infinitely slow but irresistible way. What happened here? How did it happen? Or, perhaps, could it be that nothing ever did happen the way it was intended to? Those are among the questions asked by Covenant on their 7th studio album “Modern Ruin”. A title that implies a whole range of possible scenarios: a romantic lament over an epoch of optimism; a sense of imminent doom; futuristic archaeology; a cheeky comment on the state of the modern world… What does the band think? They won’t tell. So we’re left to explore for ourselves and there is a lot to discover among the ruins. As you travel through the ever-changing soundscape of “Modern Ruin” you get pummeled by frantic beats, lured astray by soothing melodies, drowned in the static noise of furious machines, gently carried along the streams of unknown waveforms, confused by contradictions. But you’re never completely lost. There are familiar landmarks as well. They may not look exactly like they used to, but enough to guarantee safe navigation.

Limited edition digipak including exclusive bonus CD! The CD includes the exclusive song featured in the massively successful German movie “Wir sind die Nacht” (We are the Night), playing in Cinemas now all over Germany! The Limited edition comes with slightly different front cover artwork, presented in a stylish Digipack for a special price! Released on Synthethic Symphony and available January 14th, 2011.

01 Modern Ruin
02 Lightbringer
03 Judge of my Domain
04 Dynamo Clock
05 Kairos
06 The Beauty and the Grace
07 Get on
08 Worlds Collide
09 In the Night
10 Beat the Noise
11 The Road

Tracks Bonus CD (Limited Edition only):
01 Wir sind die Nacht
02 Wir sind die Nacht (Oscar Holter remix)
03 Wir sind die Nacht (full instrumental)
04 Wir sind die Nacht (Henrik Bäckström remix)
05 Wir sind die Nacht (sample)
06 Ich war nichts (sample)
07 Wunder (sample)


Released in 2003, ‘Relikt’ features tracks from the deleted ‘Kindgott’ and ‘Destillat’ singles (both 1998) plus a large selection of rare and ‘best’ tracks by the project. Released on Danse Macabre and available December 10th, 2010.

01 Kindgott (Ext. Version)
02 Von der Armut (Extended)
03 Kain und Abel (Album Version)
04 Das dunkle Land (Album Version)
05 Schwanenschrei (Album Version)
06 Gott ist Tot (Kindgott Version)
07 Erde Ruft
08 Garten Eden (Album Version)
09 Hass (Album Version)
10 Destillat (Club Version)
11 Reanimat (Album Version)
12 Unschuld Erde (Album Version)
13 Die Propheten (unreleased Version)
14 Jericho (unreleased Liveversion)

Released in 2003, ‘Relikt’ features tracks from the deleted ‘Kindgott’ and ‘Destillat’ singles (both 1998) plus a large selection of rare and ‘best’ tracks by the project. Released on Danse Macabre and available December 10th, 2010.

01 Kindgott (Ext. Version)
02 Von der Armut (Extended)
03 Kain und Abel (Album Version)
04 Das dunkle Land (Album Version)
05 Schwanenschrei (Album Version)
06 Gott ist Tot (Kindgott Version)
07 Erde Ruft
08 Garten Eden (Album Version)
09 Hass (Album Version)
10 Destillat (Club Version)
11 Reanimat (Album Version)
12 Unschuld Erde (Album Version)
13 Die Propheten (unreleased Version)
14 Jericho (unreleased Liveversion)


GOTHIC COMPILATION 2CD / 3CD / 4CD PACKS – all around twenty bucks!!

The good folks at Upscene / Bat Believer have created 2CD, 3CD, and 4CD sale-packs from many of the popular Gothic Compilations and EXTREME Series Compilations. Check out the huge selection at the links below!!

Extreme Traumfänger 3+4(2CD)
Extreme Traumfänger 5+6(2CD)
Extreme Traumfänger 7+8(2CD)

Goth Is What You Make It 6+7(4CD)

Extreme Störfrequenz 1+2(2CD)
Extreme Störfrequenz 3+4(2CD)

Extreme Sündenfall 1+5(3CD)
Extreme Sündenfall 2+6(3CD)
Extreme Sündenfall 3+7 3CD Boxset
Extreme Sündenfall 4+8 3CD Boxset

Gothic Compilation 31+40(4CD)(BOX)
Gothic Compilation 32+38(4CD)(BOX)
Gothic Compilation 34+44(4CD)(BOX)
Gothic Compilation 35+42(4CD)(BOX)

Extreme Jenseitshymnen 2+4(2CD)(Box)

Schwarze Nacht 2+3 3CD Boxset

Extreme Clubhits 11+12 3CD Boxset


Powerful basses combined with filigree sound structures meet female vocals enriched with subliminal hypnotic dynamics. A fascinating hybrid between electro pop and ambient, enriched with moody harmonies and pounding grooves. The second part of this release is dominated by spherical, melodic soundscapes with embedded vocals, added with brute drum arrangements and brilliant digital manipulations. Digipak packaging. Released on Wycombe Music and available January 21st, 2011.

01 hypnotize
02 voyager
03 god
04 mosquito
05 simple city
06 u-turn
07 ignite
08 reflections
09 sentience
10 choice
11 sapience
12 kaleidoscope
13 sentience [suffering]

5 years after the release of C.H. District’s previous album ‘Slides‘, the Polish electro wizard returns with his newest collection of work titled ‘Conclusion‘ on Tympanik Audio.

Packed full of solid, dynamic beats, shining synth pads, steady rhythms, and echoing melodies, ‘Conclusion‘ reveals a stronger, slightly more dance-oriented sound than previous works. However do not expect a loopy 4×4 techno album here – C.H. District has taken once familiar dance music elements and commanded them into submission, twisting solid beat patterns into unconventional works of glitch-laden, head-nodding rhythmic anthems. The heavy, popping basslines and robotic creaks maneuver each track with thoughtful precision while crafty electro-styled overtones and moderately distorted synth pads create a perfect balance of energy, melody, and flow.

As playful as it is complex, ‘Conclusion‘ hits the mark right from the start and doesn’t falter in the slightest throughout, laying down track after track of unyielding electronic body music.

The wait is over… Released on Tympanik and available December 3rd, 2010.

01. Con-trust (edit)
02. Shrink
03. 0#1
04. Burnout feat. Synta[xe]rror
05. Conclusion
06. Creep
07. Practical Tool
08. Like A Human feat. Tomtylor
09. 1#2
10. Go Out

The prolific and charismatic Tony Young returns with his newest and most realized Autoclav1.1 album to date. ‘All Standing Room In The Goodnight Saloon‘ melds Autoclav1.1’s signature piano movements with moments of infectious guitar riffs and dark electronica moods all accentuated by tight beatwork and memorable melodies. A rich and full-sounding album that charges forward gracefully throughout and effortlessly conjures a lasting impression on the listener.

Featuring contributions from Claus Larsen (Leaether Strip), Xotox, Attrition, Experiment Haywire, and Millipede, as well as beautiful 6-panel digipak artwork by Salt (Ant-Zen/Hymen). It’s ‘All Standing Room In The Goodnight Saloon‘ where insomniacs roam the night and a shadowy world reveals itself to those who choose to explore it. This is a fictional slumber. Released on Tympanik and available December 3rd, 2010.

01. Waxing
02. Sealed Envelope
03. Conquer This Perception
04. The In Road
05. Saturday’s Steps
06. Let Me Sleep (Somewhere)
07. There’s No More Isolation
08. This Town
09. Some Subtle Inebriation
10. Alleine In Der Dunkelheit
11. This Is For Love

Out of a sea of zeroes and ones come 12 surreal musical explorations of Tapage & Meander. While a gentle current often lets the fragile melodies flow through the tracks with genuine ease, the corroded snare drums and overgrown kicks lie scattered on the ocean floor, long forgotten by man. Intertwined and accepted by nature, these percussive elements now only enhance the richness of what is found here. There is yet more to discover though as these producers do not only take you deeper but also closer. This fantastic pairing of two beautiful minds produces steady waves of beat-driven melodies captured in a net of heavy atmospheres and complex rhythms that mimic the power of the tides themselves.

Tympanik Audio is proud to present our 50th compact disc release, bringing you musical detail on a molecular level, where beauty meets math and imprints are Etched In Salt. Released on Tympanik and available December 3rd, 2010.

01. California Blue
02. The Tide
03. Tolopea
04. Hydrostatic Skeleton
05. Subumbrella Dispute
06. Plankton
07. Atolla Wyvillei
08. Oceanographic
09. Nectocalyx Barrage
10. Osedax
11. Abyssal Plain
12. Delicate Hydroid

New volume of the long-running „Gothic“ compilation series, featuring once agin the best that the Dark Wave- and Gothic-scene has to offer. Another inexpencively priced six-panel digipak double CD with more than 150 minutes of music expertly compiled by Martin Sprissler, Carsten Girke and Thomas Thyssen. Released on Bat Believer and available December 10th, 2010.

01 NEW MODEL ARMY “Vengeance (1984)” 4.08
02 PINK TURS BLUE “Fairy Said” 4.17
03 CEREMONY “Someday” 3.22
04 I LIKE TRAINS “When We Were Kings” 4.50
05 LUNAFFAIR “Fever” 3.33
06 STONEMAN feat. WEDNESDAY 13 “Zombie Zoo” 3.06
07 ADAI “And Termination” 2.51
08 BLOODY MARY “Velvet” 4.24
09 THE CREEPSHOW “Last Chance” 1.46
10 MARY FAY “No More” 3.14
11 MY HEART BELONGS TO CECILIA WINTER “Never Ever Mountain” 2.52
12 TEENAGERSINTOKYO „Sacrifice“ 3.57
13 MADRE DEL VIZIO “Senza Te” 4.23
14 TUNES OF DAWN “Upon My Grave” 4.19
15 DIE ART “Black Hearts” 3.46
16 THE MIST OF AVALON “Helpless” 5.21
17 DOWNSTAIRS LEFT “Pictures Of Past” 5.07
18 OMNIA “Jabberwocky” 3.02
19 HEIMATAERDE “Niemals Mehr” 4.59

01 SCHWEFELGELB „Alle Sterne (full length)“ 4.43
02 THE RORSCHACH GARDEN „The Red Light“ 3.32
03 IRIS “Closer To Real” 4.00
04 MINERVE „Every Day“ 5.03
05 ASCII.DISKO “Stay Gold Forever Gold” 7.35
06 TOXIC ‘N’ BLUE “Borderline” 4.25
07 BLIND PASSENGER “Don’t Drag Me Down (dj edit)” 4.40
08 SUICIDAL ROMANCE „Touch“ 4.22
09 ANGELZOOM “The Things You Said” 3.45
10 FADERHEAD “Hot Bath And A Cold Razor” 3.41
11 GOJA MOON ROCKAH “Liebeszelle” 4.54
12 DEADCIBEL “Too Tired To Consume” 5.11
13 FUNKER VOGT “The State Within” 3.52
14 WYNARDTAGE “A Flicker Of Hope (exclusive extended version)” 5.34
15 IC 434 “Back To Back” 4.38
16 AGREZZIOR “Strong We Stand” 3.40
17 DETROIT DIESEL “Lost Signal (FREAKANGEL remix)” 4.35

Back in print in a redesigned ecoWallet. The Italian duo of Viola and Federico create graceful and elegant music for fans of Heavenly Voices, Ethereal & Dark Folk soundscapes.

Romantic, melancholic, seductive. Acoustic, ethereal, lush. Sensual, beautiful and stirring. All are good words to describe The Hours passionate search through the soul. The Italian due of Viola and Federico create graceful and elegant music for fans of Heavenly Voices, Ethereal & Dark Folk soundscapes. All My Faith Lost’s second album quickly follows their 2005 debut on Cold Meat Industry. The album is slow and tranquil, featuring male and female vocals which serve as instruments contributing to the soundscape of acoustic guitar, flute, piano, violin, and cello. All My Faith Lost… unlock a beautifully tender and delicate world, a view into the soul of delicate seduction. Released on Projekt and available January 11th, 2011.

Notti Bianche
The Waves
Ocean Sea
Presagio Triste
House of Incest
An Early Fright
Amado Mio

Steve Roach’s unique soundquests continue to take him and his listeners on powerful journeys to worlds at once alien and familar. On The Desert Inbetween, Roach teams up with fellow synthesist/percussionist/didgeridoo player Brian Parnham to explore a hybrid electronic acoustic soundworld sure to please listeners of Suspended Memories and Origins-era tribalism as well as The Serpent’s Lair-styled electronics.

The blending of highly-altered organic sounds and instruments (voices, bells, didgeridoo & percussion, Waterphone), electric guitar and a vast array of analog and digital instruments connects deep into the primal mind. Drawing inspiration from the stark and magnificent expanses of the desert southwest, this project explores the outer edges of solitude: psychological states accessed when the imagination is cut free from daily concerns and permitted to focus on the essentials.

The Desert Inbetween expresses a longing for a state of beautiful isolation. The desert bakes away the superfluous to bring about a heightened state of self awareness, the expanse in between ordinary reality and special states of connected, creative awareness.

The desert has long been a lanscape that holds great inspiration for musical artists, writers and painters. To the receptive, it immediately provides a more direct path to the deeper self and source of one’s artistic impulses. As the land of extremes, the desert is alive with beauty, stark vastness, magnificent vistas and silence. All of these places are expressed on The Desert Inbetween. Both artists know this desert realm after years of being immersed in this environment. Either as a metaphor for the inner world or a direct interpretation, the dynamic and subtle interweave of this experience is clearly alive here.

The Desert Inbetween is a masterwork collaboration of organic, tribal ambient rhythms, nuanced hand-made sounds and searing textures. Released on Projekt and available January 11th, 2011.

Opening Sky 11:03
Ancestral Passage 9:19
Serpent Gulch 11:11
Somewhere Between 7:13
Spirit Passage 4:14
Return to the Underground 17:14
When the Raven Flies 6:31
total time 66:51


Men’s Shirt, black, organic high quality premium shirt, 2 colours print on front and back, motto for all real fans, front print “Industrial – because noise matters”, back print “more than just frequencies”, designed by Bauchzuender.

Men’s or Girly Shirt, black, new motif “Maschinenstaat (= machine state)” by one of the best bands of the recently Electro scene, noble 6-colour printing, designed by David Deinert.

LIFE CRIED “I was already saved before I was born – TSHIRT”
Men’s or Girl’s Shirt, black, white printed on front and back side, front print “Life Cried”, back pint “I was already saved before I was born (nails)”, finally the first European shirt of this hot Harsh Electro band from the US.

Men’s or Girl’s Shirt – black, white printed on front and back side, front print “Need a Killer?”, back pint “Black Rain logo”. Finally a Black Rain fan shirt again! Show your fave!

***** new from ARTOFFACT RECORDS!


MONA MUR, extravagant vocalist, composer and sound designer, has gained her reputation in the international avantgarde scene collaborating with artists such as Einsturzende Neubauten, The Stranglers, Yello and the Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra. En Esch (formerly of KMFDM,  production for Pigface), a legend in his own right, is the mastermind behind the industrial-rock outfit Slick Idiot. Together, the two create an eclectic blend of chanson, indie rock, and avantgarde-darkwave. Their new album features several Berthold Brecht / Kurt Weill classics, as well as guest appearances by FM Einheit of Einsturzende Neubauten and a special remix by Steve Morell. This special North American edition of 120 Tage features three bonus tracks not available on the import edition. It will be released to coincide with IO Interactive’s recently announced Kane & Lynch 2™: Dog Days video game , for which both Mur and Esch composed the soundtrack.

1. Candy Cane
2. Die Ballade vom Ertrunkenen Mädchen
3. 120 Tage
4. The Thin Red Line
5. Vision & Lies
6. Eintagsfliegen
7. Snake
8. Mon Amour
9. Surabaya Johnny
10. The Wound
11. Der Song von Mandelay
bonus tracks:
12. Eintagsfliegen (En Esch RMX)
13. Candy Cane (Uinthatherium Remix)
14. Candy Cane (Steve Morell Disco Death Tech Remix)

Order the CD now at the Artoffact Store !!


AOF085 – Haggard – Awaking the Centuries – CD
AOF086 – Haggard – Eppur Si Muove – CD
AOF087 – Omega Lithium – Dreams In Formaline – CD
AOF088 – Dead When I Found Her – Harm’s Way – CD
AOF089 – Various – Kinetik Festival Volume 3 – 3CD
AOF090 – Ascii.Disko – Stay Gold Forever Gold – CD
AOF091 – Absurd Minds – Serve Or Suffer – CD
AOF092 – Memmaker – How To Enlist In A Robot Uprising: Deluxe Edition – 2CD
AOF093 – Memmaker – How To Remix A Robot Uprising – DD
AOF094 – Mona Mur & En Esch – 120 Tage – CD
AOF095 – Jesus on Extasy – Holy Beauty + Bonus – CD
AOF096 – Jesus on Extasy – Beloved Enemy + Bonus – CD
AOF097 – Psyche – Remembering Dwayne – CD
AOF098 – The Sorrow – Blessings From A Blackened Sky – CD
AOF099 – The Sorrow – Origin of the Storm – CD
AOF100 – Jesus on Extasy – No Gods – CD
AOF101 – Various – Triton Festival 2010 – CD
AOF102 – Massiv in Mensch – Niemand weiss, was die Zukunft bringt – CD
AOF103 – The Sorrow – The Sorrow – CD


AOF068 – Massiv in Mensch – Hands on Massiv: The Remixes – DD
AOF069 – Kobold – Blowback – DD
AOF070 – Xandria – Ravenheart [Bonus Tracks] – CD
AOF071 – Interlace – Nemesis – CD
AOF072 – Various – Kinetik Festival Volume 2 – DCD
AOF073 – S.V.D – No Ordinary Man – DD
AOF074 – Haujobb – Homes & Gardens 2.0 Special Edition – DCD
AOF075 – Urceus Exit – The Worst That We’ve Become – DD
AOF076 – Urceus Exit – Compensation For the Sound of Silence – DCD
AOF077 – Haggard – Tales Of Ithiria – CD
AOF078 – Xandria – India – CD
AOF079 – Xandria – Kill the Sun – CD
AOF080 – v01d – Weakener (EP featuring Ayria) – DD
AOF081 – v01d – This Is Not A False Alarm Anymore – DCD
AOF082 – v01d – Burnt Upon Re-Entry – DD
AOF083 – Individual Totem – Mumia Vera – DCD
AOF084 – Individual Totem – Collectotem – DD

Thanks for listening to GREAT music!

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